Recorded Sessions

We have a huge library of session recordings from the top experts in development and technology across a wide range of topics.

Demystifying PWAs

In this free online meetup, Lee Warrick will offer an introduction to PWAs and show you what you need to know to start building one.

Getting Started with Serverless

Upkar Lidder of IBM Developer will introduce the concept of serverless, practical use cases and the key concepts that you need to know to get started.

Building IoT Apps with Azure & Particle

Paul DeCarlo and Brandon Satrom show how to build IoT applications using Particle devices and Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central for cloud intelligence.

Exploring Blazor

A look at how Blazor lets you develop front-end web apps using C# with Jeremy Likness.

Why DevRel Matters

A discussion of the importance of the practice of developer relations by Mary Thengvall.

Serverless Go!

Hands-on training with Johnny Boursiquot covers how to build scalable serverless applications with golang.

Going Great with Go

Building serverless and data-driven applications with the Go programming language.

KnowJS 2018

Lean JavaScript fundamentals through hands-on, online training.

IoT for Fun and Profit

Simple and practical ways for getting started in IoT - from basic electronics to smart home integration