Recorded Events

Missed an event? Don’t worry - we got you covered!

Building IoT Apps with Azure & Particle

Paul DeCarlo and Brandon Satrom show how to build IoT applications using Particle devices and Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central for cloud intelligence.

Exploring Blazor

A look at how Blazor lets you develop front-end web apps using C# with Jeremy Likness.

Why DevRel Matters

A discussion of the importance of the practice of developer relations by Mary Thengvall.

Serverless Go!

Hands-on training with Johnny Boursiquot covers how to build scalable serverless applications with golang.

Going Great with Go

Building serverless and data-driven applications with the Go programming language.

KnowJS 2018

Lean JavaScript fundamentals through hands-on, online training.

IoT for Fun and Profit

Simple and practical ways for getting started in IoT - from basic electronics to smart home integration