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Hacking Arduino Hardware as a Noob

In this session, Raymond, who is still incredibly new to working with Arduino, will show off what he's learned so far and build an integration that uses the display of the device tied to builds of a web site.


Making Serverless Development Easier

Sumit Verma will show how Framework24, a new open source project, aims to make it easy to deploy serverless infrastructure as code.

  • Sumit Verma

Developer-first Startups with Dana Oshiro

Erin and Brian are joined by Dana Oshiro, a partner with Heavybit which is the lr=eading investor in developer-first startups including Snyk, CircleCI, PagerDuty and more.


CodeWord Conf 2024

Content is rarely a topic developers focus on, even though it is a critical aspect to what they build. CodeWord Conf is all about the combination of code and content.


PixelPalooza 2024

PixelPalooza will explore all the ways we, as developers, can leverage media like images, video, audio and documents across our sites and applications.

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