Software Engineering

The sessions listed here will introduce you to languages, tools, or ideas you can use to level up. Many of these sessions touch on core concepts essential to modern development, such as scalable architecture and managing projects with Git. With such a range of topics, there’s something for developers of all levels.


SaaS Orchestration with AWS Step Functions

4 AWS experts will cover everything you need to know about using step functions on AWS to handle a variety of use cases within a SaaS application.

  • Bill Tarr

Sessions

Dev Agrawal will explore how the session can be a powerful tool in authentication that can unlock security and UX capabilities.

  • Dev Agrawal

We Don’t Need No Stinking Passwords

Vinicius Campitelli will show us options for building passwordless authentication into your applications and how to get started.

  • Vinicius Campitelli

What Developers Need to Know About JWTs

Dan Moore will show you what JWTs are, how they work and everything you need to know to use them properly in your applications

  • Dan Moore