Software Engineering

The sessions listed here will introduce you to languages, tools, or ideas you can use to level up. Many of these sessions touch on core concepts essential to modern development, such as scalable architecture and managing projects with Git. With such a range of topics, there’s something for developers of all levels.


Introduction to Apache CouchDB

A hands-on virtual meetup with Apache CouchDB, a NoSQL database, with Upkar Lidder of IBM.

  • Upkar Lidder

Blazor: Silverlight Done Right

A look at how Blazor lets you develop front-end web apps using C# with Jeremy Likness.

  • Jeremy Likness

Serverless Go - Course Outline

Hands-on training with Johnny Boursiquot covers how to build scalable serverless applications with golang.

  • Johnny Boursiquot

The FaaS and the Serverless

JavaScript is enterprise ready - Rizchel Dayao and Simon MacDonald show how.

  • Simon MacDonald