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Serverless Gives You Wings

All serverless platforms are an extension of frontend developer’s superpowers, even better serverless allows for that blurry line in the middleware about who owns what between the backend and the frontend teams to be a bit clearer. It answers the age-long question of “Who owns the proxy server”. It is I, it says!

But what happens to the serverless code when it has left our computer, where does it go? Does it make new friends where it goes? It is able to adapt and grow as we scale?? Let’s chat about this. In this talk, we will have a quick chat about pushing the boundaries of serverless.

Obinna Ekwuno is a human before anything else and practices Kindness as a service. He mostly works on the web and loves to teach concepts in JavaScript while advocating for web accessibility. He does this through speaking, live streams, and technical articles. Occasionally he is a poet, and he believes that wider conversations will make a better world.

He is currently trying his best to not hinder the backlog as a Developer Advocate at Cloudflare and hopes this last part made you laugh.

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