Web Development

New technologies and methods are empowering web developers to build more advanced user experiences (UX). These rich experiences are often the competitive edge a product or service needs to take off. Web developers must balance the desire for engaging user interfaces with accessibility, while reaching a wide audience across browsers and devices. They must have an excellent understanding of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, frameworks, performance, web standards, design, and so much more. Our sessions cover the latests tips and tricks for making it all work.


Building Progressive Web Apps

In this hands-on workshop, Tamas Piros will show you how to build a progressive web app (PWA).

  • Tamas Piros

The State of Modern Ecommerce

Francois Lanthier Nadeau will explore monolithic, Jamstack, and headless commerce and how to pick your e-commerce stack.

  • Francois Lanthier Nadeau

Supercharge your JavaScript with WASM

In this session, Tamas Piros will show how you can leverage WebAssembly to extend the capabilities of the browser and JavaScript.

  • Tamas Piros

Accessibility for Humans

Obinna Ekwuno makes the case for prioritizing web accessibility based upon our sense of self and of empathy.

  • Obinna Ekwuno

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