Web Development

New technologies and methods are empowering web developers to build more advanced user experiences (UX). These rich experiences are often the competitive edge a product or service needs to take off. Web developers must balance the desire for engaging user interfaces with accessibility, while reaching a wide audience across browsers and devices. They must have an excellent understanding of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, frameworks, performance, web standards, design, and so much more. Our sessions cover the latests tips and tricks for making it all work.


Databases Aren't History in the Jamstack

In this session, Taylor Barnett will show how relational databases are still important and relevant to today's Jamstack applications.

  • Taylor Barnett

Starting with Svelte

In this session, Brittney Postma will walk you through how to get started building JavaScript web applications using Svelte.

  • Brittney Postma

Modeling Application Logic Visually

In this session, David Khourshid will how state machines and statecharts can help developers make even the most complex of app logic clear.

  • David Khourshid

No, Seriously… What is Jamstack?

TheJam.dev is a 2-day virtual conference focused on building real-world applications using the Jamstack.

  • Fred K. Schott