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I have learned a lot from attending CFE events. The hosts and speakers are well prepared and there are tons of friendly developers that make for a lively and welcoming chat discussion.

Crystabelle Lopez
User eXperience Engineer

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What the Future Holds for HTML Controls

In this session, Stephanie Stimac, Program Manager for Developer Experiences on Microsoft Edge, will talk about the history of native form controls and some proposals being considered to improve them.

  • Stephanie Stimac

Astro from the Ground Up

Despite being new, Astro is already changing the game for building Jamstack applications with its focus on deliverying better performance through less JavaScript. Cassidy Williams shows you how to get started.

  • Cassidy Williams

Design Eye for the Developer

Tracy Osborn shows developers how to train their design eye so that they can feel more confident picking out good and bad design.

  • Tracy Osborn
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Our speakers are front and back-end developers from top companies. They create an environment of growth through attentiveness and a genuine human connection.

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Featured Speaker

Stephanie Stimac
Program Manager on Microsoft Edge

Stephanie is a Program Manager for Developer Experiences on Microsoft Edge who comes from a background in web and user interface design as well as front-end development. She’s worked on developer tooling in the browser as well as the open source project, and is currently leading the Web We Want initiative, a cross browser and cross-company initiative to identify developer needs and bring those changes to the web platform. When not on the web, she can be found mountain biking in the forests of the Pacific Northwest or the Arizona desert and is usually always plotting her next visit to Scotland.

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