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Simply Stateful Serverless

One of the things I love about serverless is that I never have to be bothered with managing servers, it’s just using a service like Lambda, Cloud Run, etc and my code is running. If I want to use a database I can rely on services like DynamoDB or CosmosDB. While I think that is absolutely great, it feels like serverless is only for stateless processes. I think serverless needs a bold and stateful vision so that we can build any type of application (stateful and stateless) without ever managing servers. In this talk, I’ll touch on why statefulness matters and how stateful serverless makes patterns like Event Sourcing and CQRS available to anyone.

As a Principal Product Manager for Serverless at Lightbend, Leon’s focus is to help developers accelerate their serverless journey, leveraging both open source and commercial tools. He is very passionate and outspoken when it comes to the needs of developers because he believes developers can (help) transform their business by getting the right pieces of information to the right people at the right time in the right context.

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