Build a Smart Slack Bot in Node.js

Slack has arguably become an indispensible tool for communications in many companies and Slack bots are a great way to improve and even streamline some processes. In this hands-on, virtual workshop, Dave Nugent will guide you in building a Slack bot that leverages IBM Watson to make it “smart.”

Build a Smart Slack Bot with Node.js and Watson - Hands-on Workshop

In this interactive workshop, David Nugent from IBM Developer will walk you through building a bot using Slack’s API and IBM Watson.

Dave will cover how to build a Slack bot with Slack API using Node SDK, and improve the bot with Slack’s new Block Kit Builder and make the bot smarter using IBM Watson.

This is an interactive workshop, so bring your laptop and code along! This session uses Node.js, however, you should be able to follow if you have a general understanding in any programming language. All you need is a Chrome browser to try out the sample code.


  • Introductions, intro to Slack API including Block Kit
  • Hands on Lab: Build a Slack Bot
  • Introduction to Watson Assistant
  • Hands on Lab: Make your Bot Smarter with Watson
  • Next Steps for Your Bot
  • Webinar End

David is a JavaScript developer and enthusiast who runs the ForwardJS conference. By day, he works as a developer advocate - cognitive, data and analytics for IBM. He’s passionate about the open web, open source and donut shops that are open late. You can check out his previous presentations on GitHub and DM any questions to him on Twitter.

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