JavaScript for Enterprise Development

For years, JavaScript was dismissed as “not enterprise ready,” but those days have long past. Modern tools and frameworks have made JavaScript a mainstay in the enterprise. In this free online meetup, we’ll look at a couple of ways that JavaScript can be utilized in enterprise development. Join Rizchel Dayao presenting “Building Enterprise Applications with the Magic of React, Redux, and GraphQL” and Simon MacDonald presenting “The FaaS and the Serverless.”

Building Enterprise Applications with the Magic of React, Redux, and GraphQL

Many of us are working on enterprise applications but I often find myself frustrated and lost with how to architect an application in the beginning. There are many things we have to worry about when building large applications especially with large volumes of data and configurations. How do we know what to focus on and where to start while keeping best practices and optimum performance in mind? In this talk, I will go over the journey we went through to create an enterprise application from the ground up for the IBM Cloud. This will include the following: React Containers & Components Redux Actions Redux Reducers GraphQL Middleware and server side routing Testing By the end of this talk, you will be able to understand how to utilize React, Redux, GraphQL, and other tools for your enterprise application!

The FaaS and the Serverless

Did you ever notice that FasS & Serverless is a lot like the Fast & the Furious series of movies? Each of the different characters is like a function specializing in doing one thing really well. Then when when you combine their abilities as a team they can accomplish anything like a great app.

Development isn’t just about making products. It’s about making an impact. That’s Rizchel Dayao’s goal: to make a difference through technology.

Rizchel started her career at IBM. She worked her way up from being a front-end developer, to a team leader, to a Developer Advocate. In that role, she spoke at conferences and created content about emerging technologies like Kubernetes, serverless computing, and container architecture.

Simon has over twenty years of development experience and has worked on a variety of projects including object-oriented databases, police communication systems, speech recognition and unified messaging. His current focus is contributing to the open source Architect project to enable developers to create functional web applications. Simon’s been building web applications since the days they were written using shell scripts and he still has nightmares about those dark days.

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