The Future of Web Payments

Building a checkout process is almost a right of passage for a web developer, but, unfortunately, it has often been difficult and complicated to do. Part of the problem was that, even though this was a common requirement, there was no standard way to implement payments on the web. The good news is, that is changing. In this session, Robert Wozniak, Invited Expert at the W3C, will discuss new APIs that will help standardize the way we handle payments in the browser.

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The Future of Web Payments - The Payment Request and Payment Handler APIs

Did you ever think about rising costs of spending too much time on implementing checkouts?

During this presentation, we’ll to walk through the future of web payments in the browser. We’ll put a spotlight on different ways of implementing native, secure and bug-free checkouts. What does this mean for you? It means lower costs of implementation and less time spent on development. We’ll cover how to implement the Payment Request and Payment Handler APIs and talk about the advantages, use cases and ways to use them efficiently.

Robert Wozniak

Robert Wozniak

Robert is a passionate programmer, husband and a leader. He strives to engage himself in challenging projects by following the motto of “Be a better developer today than you were yesterday.” He works at McFadyen Digital where he leads the UI team to success in creating high-quality code and projects for clients. He’s also working as an Invited Expert at the W3C, specifically in the Web Payments group to represent and have a part in implementing the future of online transactions. You can find Robert’s blog at