Getting Started with the Svelte Framework

Svelte is a JavaScript framework that aims to deliver better performing apps by doing most of its work during the compile step than in the browser. This means it can optimize your application and deliver less JavaScript to the client. In this session, Brittney Postma will walk you through how to get started building JavaScript web applications using Svelte.

Starting with Svelte

The journey to becoming a web developer has never been easier, but with so many choices it can be overwhelming starting out. Find out why Svelte is different and allows you to learn the fundamentals with all the conveniences of a modern framework.

  • Very little Svelte specific syntax.
  • Write less boilerplate and configuration.
  • Quickly and easily get projects off the ground
  • Add packages with the svelte-add command.

I am the designer, frontend dev, and instructor at I’m a self-taught developer that started as a stay at home mom, and made my way into the tech business. I am a Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify, which means I get to do fun content around the Jamstack. I founded the Svelte Sirens, the first Svelte Society for women and non-binary. I am passionate about CSS and responsive design principles and love to work with new technologies, especially on the Jamstack. I volunteer as a mentor in several discord communities and love helping others achieve their goals.

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