Haunted DevOps 👻

DevOps doesn’t have to be scary!

In the eerie realm of technology, where innovation and operations often clash like ghosts in the night, there emerges a mystical practice known as DevOps. But fear not, for this Halloween, we’re here to reveal why DevOps isn’t as scary as it may seem.

Why Attend?

Ideas and Inspiration

Ideas and inspiration

Accelerate your skills and career by joining developers from around the world to explore topics in DevOps.

Ideas and Inspiration

A Sense of Community

Make new friends, mix and mingle with like-minded folks throughout the DevOps community.

All talks will be recorded

All the presentations will be recorded for your viewing pleasure after the event, so don’t sweat it if you have to dip out for a bit. You’ll be able to view the content 24/7 well after the conference closes.


We’ve already got some fantastic speakers and more to be announced soon.


Haunted DevOps is completely free to attend!

Just register via Crowdcast.

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Haunted DevOps will features a full afternoon of sessions running from 12pm ET (GMT -4) until 3:30pm ET. Check out the schedule below!

Code of Conduct

Attendees of Haunted DevOps are expected to abide by the Certified Fresh Events code of conduct. If you encounter any violations, please contact an event support staff person on-site, email brian@cfe.dev or call (857) 919-7630.