Localizing Your Remix Website

Remix is a new, open source JavaScript meta-framework that has gotten a lot of buzz because it takes a new approach to building applications with React. In this session, Harshil Agrawal will explore Remix and how to use it to build a localized site using Contentful.

Localizing Your Remix Website

Localized content helps you connect with your audience in their preferred language. It not only helps you grow your business but helps your audience understand your offerings better. In this talk, you will get an introduction to localization and will learn how to implement localization to your Contentful-powered Remix website.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to Localization
  • Introduction to Contentful
  • Localization in Contentful
  • Introduction to Remix
  • Setting up a new Remix project
  • Rendering content on the website
  • Implementing Localization in Remix Website
  • Recap
  • Next Steps


  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of React
  • Contentful Account with an empty space (participants can make this during the talk as well)
  • Access to a computer with code editor and Node.js installed

Working in the Developer Relations team at Contentful, Harshil enjoys sharing his learnings with the community. A JavaScript developer and an open-source contributor, Harshil loves experimenting with tech and building small projects.

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