Managing Remote State in React

Managing state, syncing, caching – these are not typically the easy parts of building applications, especially complex, React-based applications. But they are essential. In this session, Jarel Fryer will show how React Query library can simplify managing remote state in React web and native applications.

Managing Remote State with React Query

In most applications, there is some data stored in a remote location from your application. With remote state, there is data fetching logic that you have to write and reuse across your app. Moreover, after handling the logic, you have to deal with caching, deduplicating multiple requests, optimistic updates and more. In this talk, we will learn about React Query and how it helps us overcome the challenges of dealing with remote state.

Jarel is a Technical Lead at CommonBond. Previously, he was an Engineering Manager at OCVApps, a mobile app agency. Jarel’s favorite pastimes are reading, binging tv shows on all the latest streaming platforms and making delightful software.

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