Server-side Rendering Web Components with Enhance

There’s been a recent push to use the web platform to help reduce our over-dependence on client-side JavaScript that can increase the size of a page and impact it’s performance and responsiveness. Enhance is a new framework that addresses this by allowing you build front-end web applications with common patterns like file-based routing and components, but where the components are pure HTML and can be fully rendered on the server. Sound intriguing? Join Simon MacDonald as he walks through how to get started building dynamic web applications that are based upon web standards using the Enhance framework.

Server-side Rendering Web Components with Enhance

Web Components are excellent for building framework-agnostic reusable elements that can be shared publicly or reused across multiple projects. However, developers run into common issues, including the dreaded flash of unstyled content (FOUC) or Shadow DOM breaking native forms. In this talk, I’ll describe how to solve these issues by avoiding common Web Component pitfalls while server-side rendering Custom Elements to ensure that the client is delivered a responsive, accessible, enhanceable interface.

Simon has over twenty years of development experience and has worked on a variety of projects including object-oriented databases, police communication systems, speech recognition and unified messaging. His current focus is contributing to the open source Architect project to enable developers to create functional web applications. Simon’s been building web applications since the days they were written using shell scripts and he still has nightmares about those dark days.

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