Streamlit 101: An Intro to Building Web Apps with Just Python

According to recent data, Python is second only to the combination of HTML and JavaScript as an application development language - and its popularity only seems to grow over time. Streamlit is an open source application framework that allows developers to build web applications in pure Python. In this session, Caroline Frasca will walk you through, step by step, how to build a web application with Python using Streamlit’s open source library.

Streamlit 101: an intro to building web apps with just Python

Caroline Frasca will provide an introduction to Streamlit, an open-source Python library that can be used to create beautiful, performant web apps in just minutes. If you’d like to follow along and build your own Streamlit app live, have your IDE of choice ready and install Python before the session. Caroline will also share learnings on cultivating a passionate developer community, improving developer experience, and capitalizing on virality.

Caroline is the Senior Developer Experience Manager for Streamlit’s open-source Python library, where she focuses on engaging developers through Streamlit’s recently launched education program and supporting users on Streamlit’s forum and other online platforms. Previously, Caroline led customer success for Streamlit pre-acquisition, worked as a Solution Architect at Klaviyo, and was a Software Engineer at Raytheon. Caroline is also a UNC Chapel Hill Tar Heel and an avid crocheter.

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