Supercharge JavaScript with WebAssembly

WebAssembly can give web apps near native performance through a low-level assembly-like language. In this session, Tamas Piros will show how you can leverage WebAssembly to extend the capabilities of the browser and JavaScript.

Supercharge your JavaScript with WASM

Browser and Web APIs along with JavaScript have seen an incredible amount of development and progress, however there are still certain limitations that these tools face. For complex, low-level work we can utilise Web Assembly. By the end of the talk attendees will have a throughout understanding of Web Assembly, and why it’s such a great option for extending the capabilities of the browser and JavaScript via a real life example.

You can download the slide deck here.

Tamas is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and a Developer Evangelist. He has more than a decade of experience delivering technical training to large, prestigious organizations. Throughout his career, he has delivered presentations and training classes all over the world. He is passionate about unlocking the latest & greatest features of web development.

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