The Future of Software in the AI Age

Artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLM) are changing users’ expectations of software in ways that profoundly impact product strategy. This virtual conference will explore how AI and LLMs are creating new opportunities and even new business models for software in order to prepare you for the next generation of AI driven software.

Why Join?

Ideas and Inspiration

Ideas and inspiration

Join well-known founders and investors from around the world to explore how AI is changing the way we build software.

Ideas and Inspiration

Exciting Programming

Hear from the leaders of companies like Allma, Heap, Zing Data, ATLAS and more.

Ideas and Inspiration

Amazing Quality has been hosting virtual events for technology professionals and developers for the past six years.

Ideas and Inspiration

A Sense of Community

Make new friends and connect with like-minded folks throughout the community.

All talks will be recorded

All the presentations will be recorded for your viewing pleasure after the event, so don’t sweat it if you have to dip out for a bit. You’ll be able to view the content 24/7 well after the conference closes.


We’ve got another amazing lineup of founders, product leaders and investors in the world of artificial intelligence.


Registration is completely free, so join us live on Crowdcast on July 31.


Join us for a full day of sessions and conversations.

All times listed are US Eastern Time (UTC -4).

Monday July, 31

  1. Opening and Welcome Address

    Erin Mikail Staples
  2. Generative AI and Product Strategy (Panel Discussion)

    Allison Pickens
    Jonathan Pedoeem
    Vijay Umapathy
    Matt Dupree
  3. Closing Remarks

    Erin Mikail Staples

Code of Conduct

Attendees of are expected to abide by the Certified Fresh Events code of conduct. If you encounter any violations, please contact an event support staff person on-site, email or call (857) 919-7630.