Trust and Ethics in the Workplace

Trust is critical to any successful workplace. Without it, collaboration is impossible, employee satisfaction are unhappy and productivity suffers. This is true for any workplace, but it can have an impact in a fast moving tech company. In this session, Vitaly Sharovatov will discuss how trust and ethics relate to our careers as software engineers and how fostering them can create more satisfying and productive work, as well as organizational efficiency.

Trust and Ethics in the Workplace

This talk covers two essential elements for satisfying and productive work, as well as organizational efficiency: trust and ethics, while also exploring the connection between them.

Trust is a key for autonomy, which necessitates professionalism. We place our trust in a surgeon to perform the operation without interference, so why should our approach be any different when it comes to development processes?

Professional ethics provides the guidelines for the behaviour at work. While physicians are bound by the Hippocratic Oath to provide care and healing, why we, as engineers, sometimes agree to deliver bad quality code?

Vitaly has a total of 22 years of experience in the IT field. He spent 2 years as a system administrator, 13 years as a software developer with a focus on frontend, and 7 years in management, mentorship, and teaching roles. Vitaly specialises in working with individuals, engineers, communities, and companies to facilitate and encourage their success and growth.

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