Using Containers Responsibly

A recent survey showed that 74% of developers are using containers, container orchestration systems or microservices either on the job or on their side projects. So the chances are you are using containers too! Part of this is due to the simplicity of using them with tools like Docker, for example, but that’s often at the price of knowing the nuts and bolts of what’s going on under the hood, which can lead to problems. In this session, Melissa McKay will explore the different tools available for packaging software into containers and how to use them efficiently and securely.

Using Images and Containers Responsibly

Tools to package your applications and services into container images abound. They are easier to use and integrate into your CI/CD pipelines now more than ever. We can appreciate these advancements in the form of time savings and decreasing complexity when deploying to a cloud native environment, but we cannot completely ignore the details involved in these technologies. It’s tempting to take simplicity for granted, but sometimes we do this at the expense of keeping our software safe and secure!

In this talk, I will discuss the different tools available to us today to package our software into container images and where we want to shore up our processes with regard to both efficiency and security.

Melissa’s career as a developer and software engineer spans over 20 years, and her experience spans a slew of technologies and tools used in the development and operation of enterprise products and services. She is passionate about Java and DevOps, and is currently a Developer Advocate with the JFrog Developer Relations team. She is a Java Champion, Docker Captain, co-author of the book DevOps Tools for Java Developers, and an international speaker at numerous software conferences. Melissa is active in the developer community, is currently Co-Chair of the Interoperability SIG, and looking forward to serving her second term on the Continuous Delivery Foundation TOC.

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