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Jamstacked Issue 105

Making Web Sites Real Good with 11ty

Published: May 16, 2024

Serverless and cloud computing play a huge role in modern full-stack web development. Things like lambdas and edge compute are what turn frameworks from just frontend JavaScript libraries into full-stack development frameworks. And, as AI is playing an increasing role in application development, serverless compute is how most applications will interact with generative AI. This is why I am super excited to be organizing next week’s Moar Serverless!! conference on May 23. I hope you’ll join me there. It’s completely free, so you can grab your ticket today!

– Brian

What’s Good

The 11ty International Symposium on Making Web Sites Real Good
The first ever 11tyISMWSRG (for short 😉) was last week featuring 11 speakers (of course!), and not all of the talks were just about 11ty. If you missed it, you can catch the full 6 hour stream recording on YouTube (really should have been 11 hours straight…missed opportunity). You can also catch Zach’s restrospective on running the event. On The New Stack, Richard MacManus has a great summary of the highlights including how 11ty represents a “act of rebellion against the dark forces driving today’s internet.”

Sponsor Develop Storefronts with Open Source Composable UI Develop Storefronts with Open Source Composable UI
Explore Composable UI: an open source accelerator for React and Next.js built on award-winning foundations. Develop a unique composable commerce site using modifiable UI libraries and collaborate with other developers working on composable builds.

The Forensics Of React Server Components (RSCs)
A look at the shift from client-side rendering to server-side rendering and finally to the approach taken by RSCs, which have both client components and server components.
Lazar Nikolov

Epic Next.js 14 Tutorial: Learn Next JS by building a real-life project
A 10 part guide that walks you from start to deployment of a full application built with Next.js 14 and Strapi for content management.
Paul Bratslavsky

Introducing the Gulp Developer Survey
Gulp.js began a decade ago and, yes, it’s still around. They are conducting a survey to help guide the future of the project.
Clarissa Abidog

Tools, Resources & More

Astro 4.8 includes experimental Actions, which aim to simplify calling your backend functions with full type safety and experimental request rewriting.

Tina is a popular git-backed CMS and they recently announced that it has been acquired by a software company named SSW.

In a fairly significant milestone for the project, Hugo v0.126.0 includes Content Adapters, which can dynamically generate pages from a remote data source.

React Spectrum is an implementation of Adobe’s design system in React and their latest release brings Submenu, unavailable menu items, DropZone and FileTrigger components to GA.

Crystallize released a new retail ecommerce boilerplate for Remix.

Jared White explains how the new fast refresh in Bridgetown 2.0 will work.

Hono v4.3.0 includes an improved RPC mode and improved React compatibility.

Vercel Functions are now powered by Rust, which brings faster cold starts and improved performance.


Composability to Jamstack: Drilling Down on Frontend Terms
A great summary of the key points in a recent talk I gave about buzzwords in frontend development (including Jamstack).
Loraine Lawson

Astro.js as an alternative to Next.js: pushing the limits
Astro is pretty cool
Nikita and Alicia (respectively) share their initial experiences with Astro.
Nikita Kakuev, Alicia Sykes

Remix for Next.js Developers
A detailed side-by-side comparison between different aspects of an application written in Next and in Remix that provides some explanation of the different approaches.
Tommy D. Rossi

Portable Server Rendered Web Components with Enhance SSR
A look at how Enhance handles server-side rendering of components with an example using server rendered Wordpress content.
Ryan Bethel