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Jamstacked Issue 11

Comparing 100 Jamstack tools

Published: Aug 6, 2020



#11 ‚ÄĒ August 6, 2020

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I noticed a theme across some of this week's posts: there are a lot of complex decisions that go into planning a Jamstack site. There are hundreds of options to choose from - SSG, deployment, headless CMS & more. The flexibility and options can be both a benefit and a burden. As Sean Davis and Jon Yablonski point out, picking a Jamstack "stack" can simplify the decision-making process, which you can then work to further automate. However, as Colby Fayock explains, don't let that deter you from using projects like your blog for experimentation.

‚ÄĒ Brian Rinaldi

‚ÜėÔłé What's good

100 Jamstack Tools, APIs & Services Compared
A comprehensive list of services related to Jamstack development from deployment options to headless CMS, forms, identity solutions and more, with a useful comparison chart for each category.

Lucero del Alba

Build Jamstack Sites Faster with Conventional Tooling
Some interesting thoughts on how creating conventions for ourselves in how we build Jamstack sites and building internal tools to standardize these conventions can simplify the complex choices that come up when starting a new project.

Sean C Davis

Simplified Development Workflow
The author explains why he thinks Hugo is part of a workflow that helps him significantly reduce the decisions needed to spin up a working environment.

Jon Yablonski

A Complete Guide to Netlify Forms
Netlify Forms are so easy to implement that it’s easy to forget how much you can do with them, from submitting them via JavaScript to adding Netlify Functions that trigger on form submission. I try to cover everything here.

Brian Rinaldi

‚úāÔłé Tools and Resources

  • Next.js 9.5 - The latest version of this popular React-based Jamstack framework includes stable incremental static regeneration.
  • Nuxt Static Improvements - v2.14 dramatically speeds up builds by skipping the webpack build step when only content has changed but not code.
  • What the Dev? Podcast - Episode 43 - SD Times' podcast interviews Matt Biilmann and Chris Bach, co-founders of Netlify.
  • UI Therapy Podcast - Episode 6 - Chris Biscardi about the Jamstack, Gatsby and his own meta-framework called Toast.
  • Jamstack ecommerce - An out-of-the-box starter project for an ecommerce site built with Gatsby.

‚ĚĖ Tidbits

Creating A Static Blog With Sapper And Strapi
Sapper is a Svelte-based application framework inspired by Next.js that can be used to create Jamstack sites.

Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Jamstack Conf is Going Virtual Again: Register or Apply to Speak
Netlify’s next Jamstack Conf will be October 6-7 and will be virtual and free again. Registration and call for papers is open.

Lauren Sell

Switching to Netlify DNS
A good reference on how to move your custom domain to Netlify DNS and how to link it with a project on Netlify.

David Darnes

Why It's OK to Over-Engineer Your Blog
An argument in favor of over-engineering your personal blog as a kind of laboratory where you can experiment with new technologies to learn.

Colby Fayock

As always, I welcome feedback or link suggestion via Twitter. Stay safe and healthy! ‚ÄĒ¬†Brian