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Jamstacked Issue 17

Does the Jamstack ecosystem need consolidating?

Published: Oct 29, 2020


#17 — October 29, 2020

✦ web version

A recent conversation on a Jamstack slack wondered (I'm paraphrasing here) if the Jamstack ecosystem needs a consolidation. The flexibility is great but the complexity of choosing among a long list of options can be overwhelming. It is a fairly common criticism of a Jamstack approach. For example, how does one choose among the long list of headless CMS options for your Jamstack site?

I completely understand this criticism even if I personally do not agree with it. The very flexibility of the Jamstack approach is, in large part, because of the variety of resources and tools. Yes, it ramps up the research phase as well as the learning curve, but I believe it allows me to choose options that not only best suit my project, but also match my preferences as a developer. In the end, it is how Jamstack meets the needs of even the most complex site without sacrificing the developer experience.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Next.js 10
This week's Next.js Conf included some big announcements, the highlight being a new major release of Next with some notable features like automatic component and image optimization and new i18n features. Netlify announced support for preview mode, AgilityCMS announced a starter site that features preview mode and Sanity announced a new Live Preview feature.

Next.js Conf

Comparing Static Site Generator Build Times
This is an interesting post, especially given that build speed can become a major concern for large sites and because various SSGs make claims of build speed part of their “pitch.” I love how the author lays out his hypotheses first and compares them with the result. I would say the results more or less aligned with my expectations.

Sean C Davis

WordPress and Jamstack
So, I really didn’t want to revisit this topic yet again, but Chris does an outstanding and evenhanded job of comparing the two from the perspective of someone who is a fan of both approaches, and has used both on many real-world projects.

Chris Coyier

✂︎ Tools and Resources

  • Plenti - A new static site generator with a Go backend and a Svelte-based frontend that plans to include on-page content editing.
  • 11ty Rocks - A new site by Stephanie Eckles that gathers starters, plugins and other resources about 11ty.
  • markdown-wasm - A Markdown parser built in WebAssembly that claims to be incredibly fast (benchmarks included on the site).
  • Edge Personalize - Builder.io announced a new library that allows you to add personalization or A/B testing to pages via edge functions on their platform.

❖ Tidbits

How to Create A Nuxt App with GraphQL and Hasura
A tutorial that walks through how to use Hasura to create GraphQL endpoints and integrate them into a Jamstack app built with Nuxt.

Sarah Drasner

MDN Web Docs: Editorial Strategy and Community Participation
An update on MDN includes some details on their move from a Wiki approach with a MySQL database for content to a Jamstack approach that allows contributions via Git. It does not say which SSG, for those curious, but other recently released Mozilla sites have already been written in 11ty.

Chris Mills

Render Raises $4.5M for its DevOps Platform
Render is a competitor to platforms like Netlify and Vercel. There has been a lot of money going into this space lately, so the competition is likely to get intense.


Learn About Angular's Site Generator Scully - v1 Release Info
Scully is the only Angular-based static site generator and the new v1 release officially launched a few weeks ago.

Tara Manicsic

As always, I welcome feedback or link suggestion via Twitter. Stay safe and healthy! — Brian