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Jamstacked Issue 2

Choosing a headless CMS and SSG

Published: Apr 2, 2020



#2 ‚ÄĒ April 2, 2020

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Welcome subscribers! I'm really excited to truly get this newsletter kicked off. A big part of JAMstack development is orchestrating a ton of tools and services - from the SSG to a headless CMS to services for things like search or ecommerce. There are a ton of options and many of this week's links look to offer advice or step-by-step tutorials to help you do that.

‚ÄĒ Brian Rinaldi

‚ÜėÔłé What's good

10 Headless CMS Options for your JAMstack Website
Probably the most detailed and comprehensive overview of the headless CMS landscape that I have come across, including pros and cons of each option.

Nebojsa Radakovic

How to Choose Your Static Site Generator
There are literally hundreds of SSGs to choose from, so in this post I offer my advice and guidance on choosing the option that’s best for you.

Brian Rinaldi

APIs and Authentication on the Jamstack
The JAMstack’s focus on using APIs and services often means battling with the various types of auth each requires, but this post does a great job of explaining them.

Divya Tagtachian

Implementing Google Custom Search Engine's JSON API in the JAMStack
Using Google’s Custom Search Engine via the JSON API and serverless functions for fine-grained search results.

Raymond Camden

Getting Started With Netlify CMS (with Benaiah Mischenko)
Walk through via video as Jason and Benaiah set up Netlify CMS for a site with the open authoring feature enabled.

Jason Lengstorf

Getting Started with Ecommerce and the JAMstack
I explore some of the options for building an ecommerce site using the JAMstack including a demo using a headless CMS and Snipcart.

Brian Rinaldi

‚úāÔłé Tools and Resources

‚ĚĖ Tidbits

Take the State of the JAMstack Survey
Netlify is conducting this survey to get a sense of the state of the JAMstack community and ecosystem.

Laurie Voss

How JAMstack Is Shaking Up Static Application Development
An overview of JAMstack for the broader tech audience that includes interviews with Christian Bach of Netlify, Kyle Mathews of Gatsby and me.

Sean Michael Kerner

Netlify's $53M Series C Funding Announcement
Netlify are a big player in the JAMstack space and the continued investment is a very positive sign for the ecosystem as a whole.


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