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Jamstacked Issue 25

Gatsby join the party with Gatsby Hosting

Published: Mar 4, 2021

Your update on all things Jamstack

#25 — March 4, 2021
✦ web version

Back in 2015 when I first met the founders of Netlify and got to try the service out, I was impressed. At the time, there was very little comparable (GitHub Pages being the closest). At the time I was using tools that relied on FTP to try to manage static site deploys, which was a less than ideal solution. Fast forward to today and the category that Netlify arguably defined is exploding.

With the announcement of Gatsby Hosting, we get another player added to the list of Netlify, Vercel, Render, Cloudflare, Microsoft, etc. Gatsby joins Vercel in offering a version of Jamstack CI deployments that is optimized for a specific framework (Vercel for Next.js, though it can support any Jamstack deployment). It's an increasingly competetive space that is evolving at a very fast pace.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Gatsby Version 3.0, Gatsby Hosting, All New Gatsby Image, Gatsby Functions
GatsbyConf was this week and featured a bunch of new announcements including Gatsby 3.0 which includes incremental builds, better Gatsby image and faster performance. They also announced a Shopify source plugin and Gatsby hosting.


How to Use & Integrate APIs: Beginners Guide [w/ Tutorial]
If you’re coming into Jamstack from tools like Wordpress or Drupal, you may not have as much experience working directly with APIs. This is a really detailed crash course that has a lot of info, even for those of us with years of experience.

Alex Trost

Building Systems With Static API’s
Jamstack tools can be used to generate static API resources that can be only updated as needed. This looks at how to set up an infrastructure for an API that feels dynamic but is primarily static.

Corey Butler

Split Testing With Netlify
Split testing allows you to test changes to your site by creating two versions. This looks at how to set it up in Netlify and different strategies for giving people access to the test version.

Jeremy Morgan

✂︎ Tools and Resources

  • JamstackConf 2021 - The next JamstackConf is set to be online on October 6–7, 2021. Registration is open.
  • WeWeb - A new drag-and-drop Jamstack website builder that has a datalayer that can connect to data sources.
  • FSJam Episode 17 - Jamstack - An interview with Ray Camden and I about our upcoming Jamstack book (also catch us on The Weekly Squeak).
  • Web3Forms - A new form handling service similar to Netlify Forms that offers 250 form submissions for free (there is a paid plan as well).
  • Hugo Support in CloudCannon - A Git-based headless CMS service that previously just supported Jekyll but added Hugo with plans to add more SSGs.

❖ Tidbits

Netlify Functions - For an Unrivaled Serverless Workflow
Netlify announced that you no longer need to configure the folder for deploying functions. It now defaults to /netlify/functions with zero configuration.


Next.js Trash Course
The first in a three part series that covers most of the basics of creating web apps with Next.js.

Vinicius Cerqueira Bonifácio

Using PDFs with the Jamstack
How to use the Adobe PDF Embed API to view PDFs on a Jasmstack site built with Eleventy.

Raymond Camden

Explaining terminology: Atomic and Immutable Deploys
We have a lot of Jamstack terminology and “immutable deploys” and “atomic deploys” can be among the more confusing. Phil explains what they mean.

Phil Hawksworth

Thanks for reading. Catch you next time — Brian