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Jamstacked Issue 28

Jamstack is static-first not static only.

Published: Apr 15, 2021

Your update on all things Jamstack

#​28 — April 15, 2021
✦ web version

I've talked before about how the Jamstack is evolving from its origins in static sites and SSGs to a model of "static-first not static only". Netlify's new Distributed Persistent Rendering proposal is another indication of the evolution of Jamstack to include pages that aren't rendered initially at build time but rather "on-demand".

The difficulty has always been balancing one of the key benefits of using the Jamstack architecture, atomic deploys, with the needs of large sites or sites with user-generated content and this new proposal from Netlify attempts to address that. It'll be interesting to see how our definition of Jamstack continues evolving to meet the increasingly complex demands of modern Jamstack sites.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Get Faster Builds for Large Sites on Netlify: On-Demand Builders
This feature, currently in early access, is a potentially important change that will help with build times on large sites. Rather than full SSR that is rendered on the server every time, the proposed Distributed Persistent Rendering renders the page via a builder function and caches it until a new build is triggered. The goal is to maintain the consistency of atomic deploys while still offering on demand page generation.

Asavari Tayal

Cloudflare Pages is Now Generally Available
Cloudflare Pages, Cloudflare’s new Netlify/Vercel competitor, is out of beta. It has some unique features like built-in analytics, access restrictions for preview URLs, Cloudflare Tunnel for sharing previews of local builds automatic image compression and more.

Rita Kozlov

Jamstack SEO Guide: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners
This is a thorough update of Bejamas’ comprehensive guide to SEO. Most is applicable to any site, not just Jamstack. It definitely deserves saving as a reference.

Nebojsa Radakovic

✂︎ Tools and Resources

  • Redwood v0.29.0 - The latest release includes incremental improvements and fixes across tooling, TypeScript, api-server, auth, docs, and more.
  • Jamstack Deploy - a new web-based tool to compare the performance of various Jamstack hosting providers.
  • Faster YouTube embeds in Eleventy - Sia shows how to implement Paul Irish's lite-youtube-embed in Eleventy.
  • Deploy SvelteKit to Netlify - The steps to follow to configure a SvelteKit site to properly build and deploy on Netlify.

❖ Tidbits

Okta Expands Free Identity Management Services, Cloud Native Deployment Options
Okta has dramatically changed their free developer tier to be perhaps the most generous out there, allowing up to 15,000 monthly active users.

Joab Jackson

Don’t Lose Your Head: Evaluating Headless
A high-level look at the headless CMS landscape, some of the popular options and how to decide which option works best for your use case.

David Eglin

Building a Simple Image Gallery with Eleventy
How to create an image gallery based upon image files in a particular folder.

Raymond Camden

Thanks for reading. Catch you next time — Brian