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Jamstacked Issue 3

Choosing a Static Site Generator

Published: Apr 16, 2020


Ā JAMstacked

#3 ā€” April 16, 2020

āœ¦ web version

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, if a little bit stir crazy (I know I am!). This week, we get a different perspective on choosing your SSG, which just illustrates that it isn't an easy choice to make. There also seemed to be a lot of talk about Scully, the new Angular-based SSG. Enjoy!

ā€” Brian Rinaldi

ā†˜ļøŽ What's good

What Is A Static Site Generator? How Do I Find The Best One to Use?
An excellent perspective on making the choice of which SSG to use and a very different take than mine.

Phil Hawksworth

Scully Tutorial: A Static Site Generator for Angular Websites
There were a number of Scully tutorials since the last issue, this being a very thorough one. But if you are interested in Scully also check out Tara Manicsicā€™s recentĀ tutorial.

Charles Ouellet

Building Documentation Sites with the JAMstack
Documentation sites are a longstanding and common use case for the JAMstack. I explore options for developing them and show an example of how to buildĀ one.

Brian Rinaldi

Learn How to Accept Money on Jamstack Sites in 38 Minutes
A step-by-step walkthrough and demo for using Stripe Checkout and Netlify Functions to addĀ e-commerce.

Jason Lengstorf

Why I Donā€™t Use A Static Site Generator
Some of the misconceptions that initially drove the adoption of the term JAMstack over ā€œstatic sitesā€ still exist. We still have work toĀ do.

Kev Quirk

āœ‚ļøŽ Tools and Resources

  • Spignite v2.0.8 - A very new, pure JavaScript (i.e. no framework) SSG.
  • Stork - James Little of Stripe released Stork, a Rust/WebAssembly full-text search JAMStack sites.
  • Triangle Comments - A drop in library to add comments to a JAMstack site (currently supports Gatsby on Netlify).
  • Introduction to Next.js 9 - A free course from Eggehead that covers both SSR and static page generation.

ā– Tidbits

Create Your Free Developer Blog Using Hugo And Firebase
How to build and deploy a blog using Hugo and deploy it toĀ Firebase.

Zara Cooper

Infographic: JAMstack Ecosystem
It can be tough to make sense of all the services at play in the JAMstack ecosystem, but the Bejamas folks did a great job illustratingĀ it.

Nebojsa Radakovic

Configuring Your JAMStack App for Prod Vs. Dev
How to manage multiple environments across a variety of tools and services that make up a JAMstackĀ site.

Swizec Teller

How to Create a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard & Map App in React with Gatsby and Leaflet
Building a mapping application that uses an API containing recent Coronavirus statistics and maps out the locations and impact each country isĀ facing.

Colby Fayock

What Are Your Favorite Low-Coding Developer Apps & Tools?
A valuable (and busy!) Hacker News thread where people shared what services and tools they use to make the development process easier (mostly SaaS services, ā€˜no-codeā€™ tools, etc.)

Hacker News

Please feel free to share feedback or any links you'd like me to include with me via Twitter. Until next time... ā€”Ā Brian