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Jamstacked Issue 32

The evolution, redefinition and future of Jamstack

Published: Jun 10, 2021

Your update on all things Jamstack

#​32 — June 10, 2021
✦ web version

You may be wondering where I find the links for each issue of Jamstacked - or, perhaps more specifically, 'how do I get my post added'. My primary resource for Jamstack links is old-skool RSS. I subscribe to a ton of sites that produce relevant content and sort through them using Newsblur (my longtime RSS reader). Other great resources for Jamstack links are two great Jamstack Slack communities - The New Dynamic and the Jamstack community slack run by Netlify. Finally, I periodically check both Jamstack subreddits as well as #Jamstack on Twitter. But you can always feel free to DM me on Twitter with article suggestions as well.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Introducing Astro: Ship Less JavaScript
Astro is still in early beta but the concept sounds interesting. The site is rendered to static HTML, and only loads JavaScript as-needed using an “islands architecture” to allow partial hydration. I have to admit, as someone who tends towards classic SSGs to limit the JavaScript I send to the client, this sounds very interesting.

Fred K. Schott

The Evolution and Redefinition of The Jamstack
A thoughtful post that tries to look at the evolution of the Jamstack and come up with a current definition about what is (and what is not) Jamstack. It drove extended debate (some of it a bit heated) on The New Dynamic slack, so expect some follow up posts.

Sean C Davis

The Great Unbundling: JAMstack and the Future of the Web
This is an interesting look at the state of Jamstack and where it is going from the perspective of venture capital.

Vinay Iyengar

✂︎ Tools and Resources

❖ Tidbits

Incremental Static Regeneration: Building Static Sites a Little At A Time
ISR is something Next.js introduced that can regenerate pages on-demand. If you’re unsure about what it is, how it can be used and some of its limitations, this article has you covered.

Cassidy Williams

Can Dynamic Sites Go Serverless?
Are there benefits to moving existing projects to a serverless architecture built upon the Jamstack? The author details why she eventually made the choice to migrate and what the benefits were.

Moriel Schottlender

Image Upload and Metadata Extraction with Netlify Functions
How to upload images using Netlify Functions, store them in Cloudinary and extract Exif metadata for further usage.

Tamas Piros

CSS-Trickz: An Experiment with Netlify's On-Demand Builders
An interesting experiment that uses on-demand builders to create a replica of CSS-Tricks called CSS-Trickz that saves function calls by only rendering pages on-demand when they are first requested.

Alex Riviere

Thanks for reading. Catch you next time — Brian