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Jamstacked Issue 4

A cookbook of serverless functions for your Jamstack app

Published: Apr 30, 2020



#4 — April 30, 2020

✦ web version

As Jamstack gains exposure, it feels like the anti-Jamstack post is becoming commonplace. As a relatively new concept, Jamstack has its share of problems the community is working to solve - in fact, some announcements covered here begin to address these. However, I feel those are typically not the things these posts focus on, which is unfortunate. Chris Coyier does a good job of responding to the post from the last issue in a recent response.

— Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's good

A cookbook of serverless functions that are ready to be used in your Jamstack app deployed to Netlify or Vervel featuring recipes for Mailchimp, Stripe, Google Sheets and more.

Lee Robinson

From Static to Real-time: Introducing Incremental Builds in Gatsby Cloud
Gatsby introduced an impressive new capability that allows Gatsby to only build pages that have changed. While this post focuses on their commercial Gatsby Cloud offering, Jason Lengsdorf shared how to accomplish this on Netlify as well.

Kyle Mathews

Beginner's Guide to Eleventy
An extensive, multi-part introductory guide to using Eleventy that is very approachable and down-to-earth.

Tatiana Mac

Bridgetown: A Modern Ruby (JAMstack) Web Framework
Bridgetown is a new Ruby-based static-site generator based on a fork of Jekyll. It supports plugins and Webpack, so you can use your front-end framework of choice.


The Issues with JAMStack: You Might Need a Backend
While this post at times addresses some legitimate issues, I feel as though they are lost amongst misleading information, all of which I lay out in this Twitter thread.


✂︎ Tools and Resources

  • Hugy - An Electron-based desktop GUI for Hugo designed to assist content contributors and editors.
  • Gatsby Recipes - A new tool to automate common site building tasks using recipes run from the CLI.
  • Wordpress To Eleventy - The steps, with code, to convert existing content from Wordpress for Eleventy.
  • Dactyl - A new static site generator built specifically for creating documentation sites.
  • Build a Static API - A series of tutorials on building and consuming a static API to Netlify, Vercel and Node.

❖ Tidbits

ZEIT Is Now Vercel
You probably best know ZEIT as the creators and maintainers of the popular Next.js React framework and their ‘Now’ deployment and hosting platform.


Jamstack Conf Virtual 2020 - Schedule & Registration
Instead of the planned JamstackConf London, Netlify is planning a virtual conference and have changed up the format a bit. The good news - it’s free!

Lauren Sell

Advanced Hugo Template Tips and Tricks
I share some tips and tricks that have been useful for me when for building advanced Hugo templates.

Brian Rinaldi

I hope, as we enter months into the lockdown affecting much of the world, that you remain healthy (both physically and mentally) and safe. If you have any feedback about this issue or want to share an article, reach out via Twitter. — Brian