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Jamstacked Issue 48

The growing diversity of SSGs

Published: Feb 3, 2022

Your update on all things Jamstack

#​48 — February 3, 2022
✦ web version

I am still processing everything I learned last week at TheJam.dev (if you missed it, you can watch the recordings for free here). One of the things that surprised me was the diversity of SSGs chosen by the speakers. I'd say a year ago, Next.js was heavily represented by a wide margin. This year, the most used were all JavaScript-based tools starting with Nuxt.js, then Astro, Eleventy, Gatsby, SvelteKit, and finally Next.js.

Obviously, this doesn't change the fact that Next.js is still the most widely used by Jamstack developers. It also doesn't mean that the non-JavaScript SSGs are going away either, as they remain well-maintained and reliable options. But it does show that there's still plenty of room for other SSGs to thrive and that, perhaps, tastes are changing a bit.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's good

Eleventy v1.0.0 🎈🐀
Eleventy has reached a 1.0 release which includes custom file extension handlers, a render plugin that supports shortcodes for rendering other template languages, the Eleventy Serverless plugin for server-side rendering and much more.


Make Eleventy the Next Thing You Learn
The author makes the case for folks who know HTML, CSS and JavaScript and have started turning designs into code but have never delved into the world of SSGs, that Eleventy is the tool they should focus on.

Thomas M. Semmler

SSGs Through the Ages: The ‘Reinvention’ Era
The third part of a great ongoing series covers SSGs that challenged some of Jekyll’s underlying foundations. The prior edition covered the “After Jekyll” era.

Mike Neumegen

Hugo and Data: Advanced Transformations
A deep exploration of how to transform data received from an API or Markdown frontmatter in Hugo so that it can be properly filtered and sorted.

Regis Philibert

✂︎ Tools and Resources

❖ Tidbits

How to Build a Jamstack Application in Postman
Based upon her presentation at TheJam.dev, Joyce shows how you can use Postman to create mock data backends for your Jamstack application.

Joyce Lin

Using a Google Photos Album in your Eleventy Site with Pipedream
Exploring how to build a gallery that pulls images from Google Photos via Pipedream, which handles and stores the authentication, running through a serverless function.

Raymond Camden

Building a Jamstack Game in a Day
Exploring building a game using Next.js, Prisma ORM, SWR, Chakra-UI and NextAuth.js.

Mike Cavaliere

Netlify Acquires Quirrel and Adds Scheduled Functions
Netlify acquired Quirrel, an open source solution and service for managing and scheduling the execution of serverless functions, and has added scheduled functions to their offering via Netlify Labs.


Thank you for reading. — Brian