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Jamstacked Issue 49

Acquisitions, vendor lock-in, and the Jamstack

Published: Feb 17, 2022

Your update on all things Jamstack

#​49 — February 17, 2022
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Netlify has been in the news quite a bit lately, with their acquisition of OneGraph and Quirrel and their integration into the core Netlify platform. One of the discussions that comes up when discussing tools like the new Netlify Graph is the degree of vendor lock-in caused by adopting these tools and platforms.

Let's be honest, there is definitely vendor lock-in once you integrate any of the platform's services. That goes for Netlify as well as Vercel, Azure, etc. For example, even serverless functions tend to be platform-specific. However, in my experience, it's easy to overstate the complexity of moving them or to over-emphasize the need for portability (we, hopefully, don't need to transition platforms often). Nonetheless, it is a concern worth considering when adopting any new platform service.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's good

Netlify Graph: A Faster Way for Teams to Develop Web Apps with APIs
Netlify Graph allows you to connect external APIs like Stripe, GitHub and more via your site’s Netlify dashboard and then call them from within your application via a GraphQL API. This is a continuation of the initial Labs project that was released when Netlify acquired OneGraph. The service, now publicly available, will also generate the backend and frontend code needed to connect to the API for frameworks like Next.js, Remix and more.


Full Time Open Source Development for Eleventy, Now Funded by Netlify
Zach Leatherman, creator of Eleventy, has announced that he will now be moving into an engineering role to work full time on Eleventy. You can read Netlify’s official announcement here that talks about how this fits into their overall strategy.


SSGs Through the Ages: The ‘SPAs are Awesome’ Era
The fourth part of this ongoing series focuses on the rise of tools that still dominate the Jamstack world (like Next.js and Gatsby) and developing Jamstack apps as single-page applications. The follow up covers tools that rose somewhat out of a backlash to SPA-based Jamstack.

Mike Neumegen

✂︎ Tools and Resources

  • Next.js Conference Boilerplate – Crystallize, a headless ecommerce provider, released a free conference boilerplate that you can deploy for your next event.
  • Strapi Market – Strapi v4 introduced a plugin API to make the CMS more extensible and now Strapi has launched an official marketplace for plugins.
  • Jumpstart your Jamstack monitoring – New Relic launched a Netlify plugin for monitoring Jamstack app performance with the New Relic Browser Agent.
  • Eleventy + Lit – A new Eleventy plugin that renders Lit components as static HTML during build and lets you hydrate them after your JavaScript loads.
  • Scaling Astro to 10,000+ Pages – Astro released an experimental new build optimization that can improve build times by up to 75%.

❖ Tidbits

An Early Look at Netlify Scheduled Functions
Ray digs into Netlify’s new Scheduled functions feature which is in beta and shows how you can use it to schedule regular rebuilds of your site. You can also check out The New Stack’s take on Netlify’s Quirrel acquisition.

Raymond Camden

How I Structure My Next.js Projects
Some simple but useful tips for structuring your Next.js project. For example, personally, I never thought of putting an index file in components, which could be a very useful shortcut for importing.


Adding QR Codes to Your Jamstack Site
QR codes seem to be everywhere today, for better or perhaps worse. Ray shows how to use node-qrcode to generate and display them in an Eleventy application.

Raymond Camden

Thank you for reading. — Brian