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Jamstacked Issue 54

An aversion to Jamstack?

Published: Apr 28, 2022

Your update on all things Jamstack

#​54 — April 28, 2022
✦ web version

I sense a growing, or at least more vocal, antipathy towards to the term Jamstack in certain corners of tech. A lot of this seems to revolve around how tightly tied you believe Jamstack is to static or, alternatively, if you feel the term has broadened to the point of losing meaning.

Personally, I've never felt the term to be tied to static. In fact, it was created to distinguish itself from static. But I can sympathize with those who feel that what uniquely defines a Jamstack app versus a non-Jamstack one is hard to pin down.

Web app development more broadly has come to adopt many tools and techniques from Jamstack while Jamstack has moved further from its roots in pre-rendering + client-side API calls to look more like standard web development.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's good

Netlify Edge Functions: Serverless Compute Powered by Deno
Netlify announced the public beta of their edge functions offering. One of the key differentiators is that it is built upon Deno, which has native TypeScript and JSX support among other features. There’s already integration in a number of tools including Astro, Eleventy, Next.js, Nuxt and more. Watch Matt Biilmann discuss them here or read The New Stack's coverage here.


Introducing Contentlayer (Beta)
This project seems really interesting. Currently it makes it easier to define a structure to unstructured Markdown content within Next.js, making things like validation, caching and live reload easier.


📖 The Jamstack Book
The book Ray Camden and I have been working on for approximately 25 years (or at least it felt like it) is finally available. It's a broad overview of building Jamstack apps covering a range of tools, both in terms of SSGs but also integrations like headless CMS, ecommerce and more.

Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi

✂︎ Tools and Resources

❖ Tidbits

Jamstack Rendering Patterns: The Evolution
Digging into the evolution of new rendering methods like server side rendering (SSR) and deferred rendering (DPR/ISR/DSG) and how these have changed the way developers build Jamstack apps.

Ekene Eze

Announcing Nuxt 3 Release Candidate
The first release candidate of Nuxt 3 brings big changes like using Vue 3, changing the default bundler to Vite and introducing a new server engine that makes it provider agnostic.

The Nuxt team

How to Build Your Own Blog with Next.js and MDX
A step-by-step guide to building a basic blog that renders posts written in MDX, which mixes Markdown with React components.

Caleb Olojo

Thanks for reading. — Brian