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Jamstacked Issue 6

Jamstack goes mainstream

Published: May 28, 2020



#6 — May 28, 2020

✦ web version

Phew! This was a busy couple weeks in the Jamstack world. As I write this, Jamstack Conf Virtual just ended. Last week was Microsoft Build, which is not normally focused on Jamstack, but Microsoft had a big announcement that shows big players are jumping in (even if MS gives it a different name). As the trends and data from community surveys below show, the Jamstack is definitely going mainstream.

— Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's good

Introducing App Service Static Web Apps
Microsoft announced their new Azure app service called Static Web Apps at Build last week. It is similar to services like Netlify and Vercel. It does have some unique features like its use of GitHub Actions for deploy configuration and the route based auth. Microsoft specifically avoided using the term Jamstack, but coverage did, including this one from The Register. Also check out this tutorial from John Papa.


State of the Jamstack Survey 2020: Get First Results
This week featured a ton of data about the Jamstack community via reports, including Netlify’s. Another came out from Kentico, which you have to register to download here.

Laurie Voss

Static Site Generator Trends
An industry analysis of Jamstack trends, including an extensive background, that tries to gauge trends related to each specific SSG based upon publicly available metrics like GitHub and StackOverflow.

Rachel Stephens

The Jamstack Goes Full-Stack: RedwoodJS Tutorial
RedwoodJS is a new Rails-like framework for building Jamstack applications this post explains why you should care about it and a tutorial on how to get started. Also, if you're interested in RedwoodJS, check out this interview with Tom Preston-Werner on Software Engineering Daily.

Lea Marchand

✂︎ Tools and Resources

❖ Tidbits

What is Markdown and Why Does it Matter to the Jamstack?
I look into the role of Markdown in Jamstack and how it became so ubiquitous that many people confuse the M in the JAM acronym to mean Markdown rather than markup.

Brian Rinaldi

The Jamstack and The Startups Building It
A good explanation of the Jamstack that differentiates itself by focusing on business and management rather than on the developer-specific technical descriptions we usually see.


Beginner's Guide to Eleventy - Part 2
The second part of an excellent and very thorough getting started guide.

Tatiana Mac

Integrating Google Analytics with Eleventy
An interesting example of integrating the Google Analytics API to generate a popular posts list. The example is built with 11ty, but the concept could work in any SSG.

Raymond Camden

I know I threw a lot of links at you, but, trust me, it was such a busy week that it was tough limiting it to just those. If you have feedback or link suggestions, send them my way on Twitter. — Brian