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Jamstacked Issue 62

Overflowing with Jam

Published: Aug 18, 2022

Your update on all things Jamstack

#​62 — August 18, 2022
✦ web version

One sign of a community and technology that is thriving is the volume of content about it. This week's newsletter is so overflowing with content that many descriptions include bonus links. You've got a lot of important reading ahead, so I'll let you get to it!

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's good

Astro 1.0
Astro officially hits a 1.0 release, and even includes new features since the beta release like new image optimization components and MDX support, plus stable SSR support and an upgrade to Vite 3.0. Also worth checking out this post from Mayank or this post from Kyle on why they think Astro is so exciting.

Fred Schott (Astro)

(Re-) Introducing Gatsby, A Reactive Site Generator
Gatsby’s new focus is on enabling teams to publish content extremely quickly using a new architecture that they say allows Gatsby Cloud to publish to our CDN in one second. This first post in the series benchmarks Gatsby’s new “Reactive Site Generation” (RSG) with traditional static (SSG) and server side (SSR) rendering.

Kyle Mathews

Add Personalization to Static HTML with Netlify Edge Functions
One of the benefits of edge functions is the ability to intercept the response and modify it. As Salma shows, this means that you can add personalization to otherwise “static” pages without requiring client-side JavaScript.

Salma Alam-Naylor

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...

  • Moar Serverless 2022 Session Recordings – This playlist includes all the sessions from last week's virtual conference. Salma Alam-Naylor also posted her session on edge functions with a full transcript.
  • Docusaurus 2.0 – A ground-up rebuild that took four years, adding React on the client-side, plugins, more flexible theming and more.
  • Framework Benchmarks – A project aiming to test a long list of frameworks and site builders for performance including common Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals metrics.
  • Gatsby v4.21 – The key change in this release is a new version of the Gatsby MDX plugin that has full compatibility with MDX 2.

❖ Tidbits

Custom XML Sitemap from a Catch All Route in Next.js
A quick tip/code example showing how to generate a sitemap file for a site with dynamic routes. Also check out his post on automating tweets on Netlify builds.

Sean C Davis

Support Draft Blog Posts in Eleventy
Ray covers multiple options for handling draft posts, including allowing the URL to be viewable so that the draft can be reviewed. Also check out his post on how to migrate from Lunr to Algolia for site search.

Raymond Camden

NextJS Image Optimization with Examples
A deep dive into the Next image component and options for resizing and compressing images.

Michael Hungbo

Databases For Front-End Devs: The Rise Of Serverless Databases
Runs through the concepts behind database architecture in order to use them reliably and sheds some light on serverless databases. Also worth checking out this post by Fauna covering database options for Jamstack sites (keeping in mind it's an overview by the vendor).

Atila Fassina

Redwood: A JavaScript Framework Designed for Startups
Redwood is focusing on being a tool for startups to get their full stack applications up and running quickly and have announced a startup fund.

Loraine Lawson

Thanks for reading. I'll catch you next time. — Brian