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Jamstacked Issue 71

Closing out the year with a look ahead...

Published: Dec 21, 2022

Your update on all things Jamstack

#​71 — December 22, 2022
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We made it (well, almost). Looking back, I'll remember 2022 as... a year. 😂 Unfortunately, with all the layoffs occurring in tech and the multi-pandemics causing seemingly everyone to be sick (at least here in the U.S.), 2022 seems to be closing on a low note for many people. I truly hope you stay safe and enjoy your holidays. Perhaps, take a break from tech – after you read this newsletter! We'll be back on January 12.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's good

Jamstack Trends: How Will We Develop in 2023?
Some interesting predictions for 2023. I think they are largely spot on but where I have some mild disagreements is that I feel like React growth may stall due to saturation and a growing backlash (though I could be wrong and Remix drives new growth). I also think it’s possible that the end of Web3 may have already happened but it was so inconsequential that we missed it.

Laurie Voss

Independently Measured Performance of 110 Next.js Sites
This report uses Next.js' own showcase page that leans heavily on Fortune 500 companies as the source of sites to analyze for performance. I'd argue this weighs the results in Next.js favor as one can fairly safely assume that these are companies with large engineering teams and the resources to focus on performance. Nonetheless, the results are not favorable, showing, for example, that ~73% of sites fail Core Web Vitals on mobile. It's worth noting that it does not take changes in Next 13 into account.

Clark Gunn

Announcing SvelteKit 1.0
SvelteKit, the full stack framework for Svelte (like Next.js to React), just hit its official 1.0, meaning no more questions about whether it is production ready. If you're wondering what makes SvelteKit different than the alternatives, this post goes into detail.

The Svelte Team

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...

❖ Tidbits

How to Get the User‘s Timezone in JavaScript with Edge Functions
This post details how to display times on a site in the user’s time zone by converting them and updating the page on the edge.

Salma Alam-Naylor

Organizing the Eleventy Config File
Eleventy lets you create a configuration file called eleventy.js and this article helps you organize it as it can get quite large for many projects.

Lene Saile

Learn Next.js for Scalable Web Apps
This is a free course from FreeCodeCamp featuring 12 sections over five hours that will teach you all the basics of building sites with Next.js.

Alicia Rodriguez

Adding Heading Anchor Links to an Eleventy Site
How to automatically add fragment identifiers and anchor links to headings in Markdown on an Eleventy site.

Rhian van Esch

Thanks for reading and have a happy new year! — Brian