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Jamstacked Issue 77

The evolution of Jamstack tools

Published: Mar 23, 2023

Looking at Eleventy, SvelteKit, and Astro

#​77 — March 23, 2023
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It's definitely feeling like we're entering a new phase in the evolution of Jamstack tools. Rather than the conversation being dominated by a single framework, there seems to be a handful of alternative tools that have gained traction among developers.

The nice thing, to me anyway, is that each has a very unique take. This week's discussion is all around three of these alternatives: Eleventy (which recently released 2.0), SvelteKit and Astro.

Brian Rinaldi


The Need for Speed: Why Eleventy Leaves Bundlers Behind
Zach Leatherman, Eleventy’s creator, explains why he believes that we are in a “post-bundler phase of development”, why not using a bundler helps Eleventy build faster, and discusses some of the new features of the SSG.

Loraine Lawson

What's New in Eleventy 2: A Great SSG Just Got Better
This is a detailed introduction to Eleventy and the new features and changes in v2, as well as how to upgrade an existing 1.0 project.

Craig Buckler

Should I Upgrade to Eleventy 2.0?
A step-by-step upgrade guide for version two. The answer to the question won’t surprise you either.

Rob O'Leary

Smart Incremental Rebuilds With eleventyImport
A new feature of v2 allows you to define which collections can re-build an associated template for faster incremental local dev.

Stephanie Eckles


Rich Harris Talks SvelteKit and What’s Next for Svelte
An interview with the Svelte creator on upcoming Svelte 4 and 5 changes, the differences in approach from SvelteKit and other frameworks and whether he thinks Svelte is finally enterprise-ready.

Loraine Lawson

A Business Case for SvelteKit
This is a really good post covering the experience migrating from Meteor to SvelteKit, the process the team undertook, and the outcomes from both a performance and UX point of view.

Chris Ellis


Astro and Azure Static Web Apps
The basics of getting started with Astro, why you might want to explore Azure as a deployment option and how to deploy a static Astro site to Azure.

Florian Rappl

Using TRPC in Astro and its (React) islands
tRPC gives end-to-end type safety when working with APIs and this guide shows how to implement it in Astro on the server side and on the client-side using React.

Thomas Ledoux

Icon System for Astro Sites
A simple way to add icon support to an Astro site that can scale easily as the site grows.

Sean C Davis

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...and finally

Framework-Defined Infrastructure
Vercel’s CTO explains how they believe that having infrastructure defined as implementation details of the framework is the next evolution of the infrastructure as code concept.

Malte Ubl

Thanks for reading. — Brian