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Jamstacked Issue 78

Vercel adds Remix support

Published: Apr 6, 2023

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#​78 — April 6, 2023
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I'll admit that I have not heard a lot around Remix since it was acquired by Shopify last October. Work on the framework has continued, but the volume on their marketing seems to have been turned down (though it could just be the sources I follow).

However, Vercel seems to believe that Remix adoption will continue to grow, devoting resources to expanding their support for the framework, but also contributing improvements back to the framework. It feels like Vercel is broadening their scope from trying to position themselves as the best place to host Next.js to the best place to host React more broadly (to be clear, I'm not judging whether they are the best, just speaking to what I see as their market positioning).

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's good

Popularity of Top Frameworks on Netlify: Next.js, Gatsby, create-react-app
An analysis of framework/SSG usage of sites deployed to Netlify that breaks down by free/paid/enterprise accounts. Unsurprisingly, React dominates the free projects, representing a combined 62% (40% of that from create-react-app). The React percentage remains the almost identical on paid/enterprise accounts, but the percentage using create-react-app drops dramatically in favor of Next and Gatsby.

Laurie Voss

Vercel Adds Remix: Integration Supports Larger Apps
Despite being the company behind the competing Next.js framework, Vercel has added full Remix support on their platform, including the ability to deploy routes to edge functions. To support these platform features, Vercel contributed code back to the Remix project. Speaking of Vercel and Edge, they announced improved Node module support on edge runtimes.

Loraine Lawson

Postman Flows: The Next Generation of Software Development
APIs are a critical piece of Jamstack and Postman has released a new visual tool to build workflows, integrations and API applications built upon combining data coming from multiple APIs.

Shamasis Bhattacharya

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...


Pass Client State to a Netlify Function
How to pass client state to a Netlify serverless function via JavaScript and use it within the function code.

Melanie Richards

WebC Updates in Eleventy - Looping
WebC, Eleventy’s component implementation that supports server-side rendering, added for loop support. You can read more about WebC updates from Ray here.

Raymond Camden

Getting Started with Serverless Next.js
If you are looking to get started with Next.js, this is a good beginner’s guide to the framework, routing and serverless approach.

Daniel Agantem

CloudCannon.com is Now Built with Eleventy
A good look into why and how CloudCannon moved their site into Eleventy. Offers some insight into anyone looking to take on a similar project. You can also see this video for more on why they did it.

David Large

Thanks for reading. — Brian