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Jamstacked Issue 79

A focus on Eleventy

Published: Apr 20, 2023

Your Jamstack update

#​79 — April 20, 2023
✦ web version

Eleventy isn't really the new kid on the block anymore, having been around since early 2018, but it does seem to be on an upward trend. This is backed up not just by the number of posts about it (it has always had a passionate user base), but also by data, including the most recent Jamstack community survey, which had Eleventy as the only "pure static site generator" to gain share in this year's survey. Recent weeks seemed to generate a lot of Eleventy posts, so this week's issue is highlighting it.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ Focus on Eleventy

'How Jampack Optimizes our Eleventy Website and Improves Performance'
Jampack is a post-processing tool that takes the output of any static site generator and optimizes it for user experience. This post shows how CloudCannon uses it to improve their Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals scores.

David Large

WebC First Impressions
WebC is Eleventy’s server-side web components. This post explores what to like about them, what the author believes are some of the issues and missing features but then, interestingly, digs deeper into the ways the author disagrees with how WebC works (even while applauding the project).

Benny Powers

Three Methods for Scoped Styles in Web Components That Work Everywhere
A comparison of different supported methods to apply styles using CSS to web components including WebC.

Zach Leatherman

Working with CloudCannon and Eleventy - My Experience
Ray tries out the CloudCannon CMS with Eleventy for the first time and shares how easy he felt it was, overall, to set up and use.

Raymond Camden

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...


The Acronyms of Rendering on the Web
Most readers probably know most of these acronyms (SSG, SSR, DPR, etc.) — here Salma explains what they mean as well as the pros and cons to each.

Salma Alam-Naylor

Three Ways to Set Headers With Netlify and Astro
How to set custom headers on an Astro site using the Astro config, Netlify config or edge function middleware (the latter two would work on any Netlify hosted site).

Cassidy Williams

Is React the New WordPress?
A short post that's really intended as a conversation starter based upon a comment in a recent web performance presentation.

Sean C Davis

Server Side Rendering a Blog with Web Components
A walkthrough of using Lit to build a blog.

Stephen Belovarich

Thanks for reading. — Brian