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Jamstacked Issue 8

Getting started with Next.js for Jamstack development

Published: Jun 25, 2020



#8 — June 25, 2020

✦ web version

I've been around what is now the Jamstack ecosystem for a long time, starting with Jekyll in 2014. A stereotype that still persists to some degree around these solutions is that they are for simple sites - that the Jamstack can't handle anything particularly complex. It struck me as I went through almost all of these posts how much they were solving complex and important problems modern sites face and that truly defy that stereotype.

— Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's good

Going Full Static with Nuxt.js
Some long-awaited features for Jamstack fans shipped in v2.13 including full static build with nuxt export, improved smart prefetching, integrated crawler, faster re-deploy, a built-in web server and new target options for config.

Alex Chopin

Nine Best eCommerce Solutions for Jamstack Websites
Headless ecommerce solutions have driven a growth in ecommerce sites built with the Jamstack. This post has a comprehensive look at the major options.

Nebojsa Radakovic

Gatsby vs. Next.js
An interesting counterpoint wherein the author shares detailed thoughts and examples as to why he has become disillusioned with Gatsby (mostly around its use of GraphQL) and has moved on to Next.js.

Jared Palmer

Getting Started with Next.js for Jamstack Development
I show how to build your first Jamstack site using Next.js (from a relative React-noob perspective) that connects to a headless CMS for content using the Sourcebit open source project.

Brian Rinaldi

Serverless Functions the Fast Way
A good guide on building and deploying Netlify Functions, including a number of useful examples of common uses.

Jason Lengstorf

✂︎ Tools and Resources

  • Reflex - A collection of themes and plugins aimed at helping you build Gatsby sites easier and faster.
  • A Faster Blog, Faster - In converting his site from Wordpress to 11ty, Alex made small changes to improve build performance. He explains what they are and how to test them.
  • Fast Search for Static Sites - A look at implementing search on a Hugo site with thousands of pages using Fuse.js.
  • Ruby in Netlify Functions - A very early release of a micro-framework called Phaedra that could be used to write functions in Ruby, which could be proxied from Netlify or Vercel.

❖ Tidbits

Static Hosting Benchmark 2020
Testing the performance and response time of eight popular static hosting services.

Pier Bover

Architecting Data in Eleventy
A very detailed look at the different types of data in 11ty, what they are and how to use them.

Sia Karamalegos

Develop, Preview, Test
How deploy previews and serverless testing infrastructure simplifies and reduces the cost of implementing end-to-end testing.

Guillermo Rauch

How to Create a Travel Bucket List Map with Gatsby, React Leaflet, & GraphCMS
How to build a mapping app using Gatsby managed by a CMS that displays a map with bucket list locations.

Colby Fayock

Two Ways to Create Server-Rendered Routes Using Next.js & Netlify
It is possible to do SSR for Next sites running on Netlify using an experimental library.

Cassidy Williams

As always, I welcome feedback or article suggestions (and apologies if yours doesn't make it in - I'm always faced with tough choices). My DMs are open on Twitter. — Brian