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Jamstacked Issue 80

Data solutions with Jam

Published: May 4, 2023

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#​80 — May 4, 2023
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Any real web application needs data, but, for a long time, it seemed like an afterthought in Jamstack. Sure, there were a lot of solutions, but they were all third-party (a big exception to this has been Cloudflare). As platforms expand their capabilities and, in particular, as they target enterprise solutions, it makes sense that they'd move to offer data solutions as part of their offering. This week saw Vercel released a number of options as well as Deno releasing a long-awaited KV solution for their edge.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Introducing Storage on Vercel
Vercel introduced multiple storage solutions: KV based on Redis that can be read from their edge network; a Postgres SQL solution based upon Neon that is designed to integrate easily within Next.js; and a Blob solution for asset storage designed to replace the need for external solutions like S3.


Announcing Deno KV
Deno’s key value store is built into the Deno platform but also on their edge-based deployment solution, Deno Deploy, allowing you to colocate important parts of your data at the edge. Previously, you could connect to Fauna or Postgres, but these were hosted independently.


SolidStart is a new meta framework using Solid.js (like Next.js to React or SvelteKit to Svelte). The Bejamas team give it their Discovery treatment, covering the tool’s ecosystem, how to get started and how to deploy a SolidStart app.

Mojtaba Seyedi

Simple, Cheap GeoIP API using Netlify Edge Functions
Edge functions generally have geolocation data in them, meaning there is no need for a third-party geolocation API, which can potentially save you money. Alistair shows how to do this on Netlify but also links to another post on doing it on Vercel.

Alistair Shepherd

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...


▶  Rich Harris: Hot Takes On The Web 🌶️
I’d say that only a few of his takes were actually particularly spicy but, whether you agree with him or not, this was a thought provoking talk.

Rich Harris

Why Astro is My Favorite Framework
Ryan says part of what drew him to Astro was the community and how easy it was to get started. He also goes through some of his favorite features.

Ryan Trimble

The Most Compelling Argument for Using an SSG
While Sean admits that they aren’t right for every situation, he loves that using an SSG means that he can’t break production. You can also check out Sean's thoughts on how Jamstack lowered the barrier to entry for web development.

Sean C Davis

Awesome Algolia Updates (and Some Fixes Here...)
Algolia has updated their free tier to include a million records. Ray also shows how to fix issues with dates in an Algolia index.

Raymond Camden

Thanks for reading. — Brian