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Jamstacked Issue 83

Netlify's focus on 'composable architectures'

Published: Jun 15, 2023

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#​83 — June 15, 2023
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As I wrote back in February, it was clear that Netlify's acquisition of Gatsby was more focused on their new Valhalla content hub for unifying multiple content sources than the Gatsby web framework itself. With the release of Netlify Connect (see below), the pieces are beginning to come together.

It feels, to me, like Netlify is moving away from the 'tit-for-tat' deployment platform feature race with competitors like Vercel and moving into new areas that make it more of a comprehensive platform for all aspects of creating enterprise sites focused on "composable architectures" rather than "Jamstack."

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Netlify Connect, A New Way for Enterprises to Unify Multiple Content Sources
A newly integrated and improved version of Gatsby's Valhalla 'content hub' that allows companies to combine multiple content sources into a single GraphQL API. Matt Biilmann, CEO at Netlify, said this new data layer is "an important step forward for Netlify's platform and our vision for the modern, composable web".

Sterling Davis

A Guide to Server Components and the App Directory in Next.js 13
A detailed guide on all the changes that come with the (no longer experimental) App Router in Next 13 including the basics of server components and its impact on layouts and pages.


Tested: Database Providers on Lambda
Comparing third party database providers with DynamoDB including Supabase, Planetscale, MongoDB and Neon. tldr; DynamoDB is significantly faster but, depending on your use case, in many cases the third parties might be fast enough.

Taylor Beseda

Qwik City
A meta-framework like Next.js or SvelteKit but built on top of Qwik, itself a framework created by Miško Hevery. Qwik City is focused on SSR and this post walks you through what makes Qwik unique (no hydration required) and how to get set up to use Qwik City.

Mojtaba Seyedi

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...


Behind the Scenes of crystallize.com: All the Performance Tricks & Hacks
A detailed look at the extensive optimizations to both reduce client-side JavaScript, optimize images and video and add reactive lazy loading that Crystallize took to maximize the performance score of their site.

Håkon Gullord Krogh

How to Host a RESTful API on Vercel
Build a REST API using Express, Prisma, ZenStack and the new Vercel Postgres offering.


Using Goodreads Data in Eleventy
Goodreads is a service to keep track of books you want to read that, unfortunately, no longer has an API but Ray shows how you can export your data and use that in Eleventy. Be sure to check his recent update.

Raymond Camden

Thanks for reading. — Brian