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Jamstacked Issue 85

On JavaScript server runtime interoperability

Published: Jul 12, 2023

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#​85 — July 13, 2023
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The Jamstack community was arguably at the forefront of using JavaScript on the server. Nowadays, it's so commonplace it can be hard to recall a time when it didn't exist, but the expansion of server-side JavaScript has led to a multitude of runtimes. There's Node, Bun, Deno, and others, as well as runtimes that power things like Cloudflare Workers (the Workerd runtime) and other serverless platforms, each with their own take on a JavaScript server runtime. This can complicate the development of anything that's expected to run across multiple runtimes and limits portability. That's why I'm hopeful groups like WinterCG can help to develop some form of interoperability.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Beyond Browsers: The Longterm Future of JavaScript Standards
JavaScript has been important for more than browsers for a long time. It has become an important server-side development language on both traditional servers as well as serverless platforms, including edge runtimes. But the ECMAscript standard is still focused on browsers. This looks at how that may be changing, slightly, and at new standards that are trying to emerge through groups like WinterCG.

Mary Branscombe (The New Stack)

Introducing the Netlify Drop ChatGPT Plugin
A new ChatGPT plugin that will allow you to simply prompt ChatGPT to generate a web site but then automatically have the generated site deployed to Netlify. Obviously, not how you'd deploy a finished product, but this could be fun to experiment with. (You'll need a ChatGPT Plus account to use this).


HugoConf 2023 – Brought to You by CloudCannon
Despite being among the older and more traditional SSGs, Hugo remains widely used. The next edition of HugoConf 2023 takes place on September 21. You can already grab tickets, which are free, or submit to give a talk.

David Large

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...

  • Introducing the Vercel Platforms Starter Kit – A fullstack template for building multi-tenant applications with custom domains using Next.js App Router, Vercel Postgres, and the Vercel Domains API.
  • Share Pear – A pure frontend solution for sharing gated content into a public URL using Astro, Netlify On-Demand Builders, and Edge Functions.
  • Hugobricks – A Hugo theme for building a complete site using stackable content 'bricks.'


The State of Jamstack 2023 Report
A report based upon a survey of 857 developers. It finds growth in Jamstack but also less relevance to the term as its definition has expanded. Interestingly, the site generator usage shows arguably unusual results (Gatsby leads and Next is a laggard) that probably have to do with the limited sample size. (Note that an email address is required to download the report.)


Presenting Islands Architecture in Bridgetown 1.3 “Kelly Butte”
The concept of islands architecture, whereby only JavaScript for interactive elements on the page is sent, was popularized by Astro but is making its way into more frameworks including Bridgetown, which began life as a Jekyll fork but in the years since has continued to innovate and differentiate itself.

Jared White

A Guide to Next.js Layouts and Nested Layouts
Exploring how layouts, nested layouts, and custom layouts work in Next.js using the Pages Router and the App Router.

Ibadehin Mojeed

Thanks for reading. — Brian