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Jamstacked Issue 86

So long, and thanks for all the Jam?

Published: Jul 27, 2023

Your Jamstack update

#​86 — July 27, 2023
✦ web version

It's been an eventful year for the "Jamstack" ecosystem and community. Changing strategies across the major ecosystem companies are causing some dramatic shifts. That's the theme of so many of this week's links. In fact, things have shifted so much, that I am now inclined to think it's time to move on from the term Jamstack altogether.

What does that mean for a newsletter named Jamstacked? Everything this newsletter has focused on this year – from full-stack JavaScript frameworks, SSGs, serverless, edge computing, headless CMS and APIs/services – is still relevant and only becoming more so. I don't plan to change that. A name change? Probably. But the links and context you need to keep up with the what's going on will still be the same.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Is Jamstack Officially Finished?
The death of the Jamstack Community Discord seems like a relatively small change but it is, in my opinion it is symptomatic of a move away from the 'Jamstack' term and the broader, connected community.

Brian Rinaldi

CEO Announcement to the Netlify team
Netlify announced significant layoffs and restructuring around their move to broaden their business beyond their traditional deployment platform to focus resources on their new enterprise-focused content solutions like Netlify Connect. "The future of Netlify is bright, the future is composable," Matt says.

Matt Biilmann

CloudCannon — Now the Official CMS Partner of Eleventy
Eleventy creator Zach Leatherman is joining the CloudCannon team as a developer advocate and will continue to work on Eleventy alongside his role at CloudCannon.

Mike Neumegen

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...


📗  Astro UI Framework [Full Book]
A free e-book from FreeCodeCamp that is an in-depth walkthrough into building sites with the Astro framework.

Emmanuel Ohans

Exploring the Infrastructure and Code Behind Modern Edge Functions
This article uses discussions with folks at Vercel, Netlify, Akamai and Deno to consider the infrastructure, hardware and software that make edge function platforms tick.

Ryan Donovan

Deprecation of Post-Processing Asset Optimization Feature
Netlify’s built-in asset optimization feature that minified JavaScript and CSS automatically has been deprecated.


Best Practices for Monitoring Static Web Applications
DataDog is a popular solution for enterprises to monitor their web applications, but, as this article details, there are unique aspects to monitoring static web apps in particular.

Thomas Sobolik

Thanks for reading. — Brian