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Jamstacked Issue 87

🐝 I stirred the hornet's nest

Published: Aug 10, 2023

Your Jamstack update

#​87 — August 10, 2023
✦ web version

😬 I stirred a hornet's nest. There's so much stuff to get to this week that I'll leave the commentary minimal. Just to reiterate that I said the term Jamstack is basically finished, but the underlying architecture and technologies are all still relevant and growing more so.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Jamstack is Dead, Long Live Jamstack!
This edition of the Bytes newsletter tries to pinpoint where the term Jamstack failed, which the author believes was caused by the rebranding of Jamstack “to the point where it eventually lost all its original meaning”.


Is the Jamstack Dead? 🪦🤔
The JavaScript Jam newsletter does a great job of rounding up reactions to the 'end of the Jamstack term' and ultimately comes to a similar conclusion as I did: the term may be gone but the tools and techniques underlying it are still useful.

JavaScript Jam

My Journey Away from the JAMstack
Jared, creator of the Bridgetown SSG, has been critical of Jamstack’s move away from its static origins and he laments what he sees as a missed opportunity for Netlify to warn us of the potential perils of full stack JavaScript frameworks.

Jared White

How to Blow Up a Category - Netlify's New Era and The JAMstack Endgame
A great look at the trajectory of Netlify, as a business, and Jamstack over the years and some thoughts on claims that Jamstack, as a term, is disappearing because it “won.” While I have no insider information, I have my disagreements on the causes of this shift, which I noted in the comments.


🍞  Is Jamstack Toast? Some Developers Say Yes, Netlify Says No
Agree to disagree?

Richard MacManus

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...


Lifting Off With Astro 🚀
A look at why Astro’s focus on minimizing the JavaScript sent to the client is important and how to get started building apps using it.

Brian Rinaldi

JSX Without React?
Exploring a new tool called NakedJSX that will allow you to render JSX without the need for the full React framework.

Chris Coyier

Why Content Management Systems Can Outperform Static Site Generators
If Jamstack is 'dead', we can all move back to monolithic CMS like Drupal right? 😉 In all seriousness, Dries' point is that the performance can be mitigated with proper caching to make the underlying tools irrelevant.

Dries Buytaert

Adding Caching to a Cloudflare Worker
How to use the KV to cache responses and improve the performance of your Cloudflare Worker.

Raymond Camden

Introducing Project IDX, An Experiment to Improve Full-Stack, Multiplatform App Development
A project from Google that is a full browser-based IDE that includes support for most full-stack JavaScript frameworks, cross-platform previews and deploying to Firebase. You can sign up for the waitlist.


Thanks for reading. — Brian