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Jamstacked Issue 93

Blobs go Beta

Published: Nov 16, 2023

Your Jamstack update

#​93 — November 16, 2023
✦ web version

The pace of releases this Fall has been intense, and doesn't yet show signs up abating. We've had new releases of Next.js, Remix, Astro and more with a ton of new APIs and features built in. We've had major platform updates from Netlify, Vercel and Cloudflare, to name a few. It's been work enough just to keep up that you'd be forgiven if you haven't gotten to try many of these things yet – I know I haven't, but I am looking forward to doing so.

Brian Rinaldi

↘︎ What's Good

Building Towards a New Default Rendering Model for Web Applications
Partial pre-rendering (PPR) was introduced in Next.js 14 at Next.js Conf. It allows you to generate portions of a page statically but still pull in dynamic aspects (to me, this sounds similar to the concept of an islands architecture). This post goes into more details on how it works.

Sebastian Markbåge & Malte Ubl

Remix ❤️ Vite
Unstable support for Vite is available in Remix v2.2.0. This post explains why it took so long to adopt Vite, which seems to have become the industry standard over esbuild, and the remaining work on Cloudflare support.

Pedro Cattori & Mark Dalgleish

Introducing Netlify Blobs Beta
The lack of a built-in data store has been a key thing missing, in my opinion, from Netlify. Their new Blobs, which is currently in a public beta, addresses this. It's a general purpose data store that can be used for storing data used in functions, as a programmable cache and more.

Eduardo Bouças (Netlify)

✂︎ Tools, Resources & More...


React Server Components: A Comprehensive Guide
A detailed look at what RSCs are, the problems they aim to solve and how to implement them using Next.js.

Chinwike Maduabuchi

Redwood Framework ‘All in’ on React Server Components
Redwood aims to reinvent itself from a static site generator using React to a server-side rendering framework built around RSC.

Loraine Lawson

How to Build a Server-Side React App Using Vite and Express
A demo of server-side rendering and server-side data fetching without using a meta-framework like Next.js.

Paul Scanlon

Thanks for reading. — Brian