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Jamstacked Issue 97

Kind of Annoyed with React

Published: Jan 19, 2024

Welcome to the first edition of Jamstacked hosted on CFE.dev. The content is the same but the from email and the format have changed. I am always happy to have feedback.

This edition is going out a couple days early because I’ll be busy hosting the free TheJam.dev virtual conference on Wednesday and Thursday. It’s going to be a great event, so hopefully I’ll see you there!

P.S. The change in publisher did essentially reset sponsorships for this newsletter. If your company would like to support Jamstacked, please reach out.

- Brian

What’s Good

Kind of annoyed at React
It is interesting (and, for me, somewhat validating) to hear someone as deeply experienced with React as Cassidy say, “React’s gotten really hard to understand.” But Cassidy’s issues go deeper than the complexity and include issues around transparency and communication – even as she states that she has no intention of abandoning React.
Cassidy Williams

TheJam.dev - Free Virtual Conference
Join speakers like Cassidy Williams, James Q Quick, Matt Biilmann, Alex Russell, Zach Leatherman, Salma Alam-Naylor and so many more for sessions on things like Astro, Eleventy, Svelte, Next.js, Netlify, Cloudflare, AWS Amplify, generative AI and so many more.

Introduction to Eleventy, a Modern Static Website Generator
Getting up to Speed with Eleventy: Config and Collections
The New Stack has a couple of posts that offer a guide to getting started with Eleventy. If you haven’t tried Eleventy out, these posts offer good a place to get the details you need.
David Eastman

Tools, Resources & More

Astro 4.2 adds experimental support for prerendering pages the user on the client that the user is most likely to visit next using the Chromium-exclusive Speculation Rules API.

Remix 2.5 added a SPA (single page application) mode (currently marked as unstable) which will do CSR only rather than just the standard SSR mode. (Hat tip to Mark Malstrom for the correction)

Netlify’s new developer hub hopes to make it easier for developer’s to find the resources they need about using Netlify services.

Waku v0.19 marks the frameworks transition from just a reference implementation for React Server Components (RSC) to a “Production-ready React framework.”

Speaking of RSCs, Cloudflare is offering a free React Server Component workshop on January 30th. You do need a “work email” to register.


The Best Web Framework Doesn’t Exist
Matija argues that the framework you choose ultimately doesn’t matter as much as you might believe. It’s worth noting that his project, Wasp, is a full-stack framework built on top of React and Node.js
Matija Sosic

Integration Testing Vercel Serverless Functions with OpenTelemetry
A guide on creating production-ready Vercel serverless functions with OpenTelemetry for troubleshooting and integration testing and Tracetest for trace-based testing.
Adnan Rahic

Enhance your website with AI-powered semantic search using Chroma DB with Astro integration
A practical guide on how to use Chroma DB in an Astro project to create an AI-powered search functionality.
Aren Hovsepyan