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Discord for Developer Communities

In recent years, Discord has sort of exploded as a community platform. It has since been adopted as a core platform across technical and non-technical communities. What once primarily was used in the gaming industry has now been more widely adopted across communities of all types.

Let’s explore a little bit of the platform’s history, how it’s being used today, and why (or why not) it makes a fit for your community’s needs. We’ll also go over tips and tricks to using the platform, basic bots and platform features, and the possibilities of what you could do with this in the future.

Join this workshop if:

  • You are considering Discord as a solution for your technical community
  • You want to get the most out of the tool
  • You feel like you’re not getting the most out of this tool

What you’ll learn

Discord History

  • Gaming
  • The Move to Community
  • Critiques of the platform

Practical Application

  • Types of channels
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Events
    • Forums
  • Settings
  • Safety + Things to note

Possibilities + Potential

  • API
  • Use Cases
  • Customizability

Erin Mikail Staples is a very online individual passionate about facilitating better connections online and off. She’s forever thinking about how we can communicate, educate and elevate others through collaborative experiences.

Currently, Erin builds community and thinks about the philosophy and tooling of the community and developer advocate world. Much of her day is spent empowering individuals to build, foster, and embrace healthy communities. Outside of her day-job, Erin is a comedian, graduate technical advisor, no-code content creator, triathlete, avid reader, and cat parent.

Most importantly, she believes in the power of being unabashedly “into things” and works to help friends, strangers, colleagues, community builders, students, and whoever else might cross her path find their thing.


Brian Rinaldi 0:16
Awesome. Well thank you so much for having me. I have been a huge fan of the CFE events. And I’ve learned a lot from them. So I’m really excited to kind of share what I geek out about. And one of my favorite things to geek out about right now is Discord. And the reason I like it is probably because it’s one of those tools that when used with best practices and intention and purpose, it can be so helpful for you, for others for the community at large. And it can really be beneficial. But it is also one of those platforms in recent years that has really become hard to use. So I’m active in the chat right now. If you have any questions, you know, concerns, so on and so forth. I would love to kind of hear from you. You’ll find at different points during this webinar, we’ll have a couple of vibe checks. And we’re going to be having a really interactive session. And like Brian said, this will be recorded. And additionally, I’ve got some resources that I’ll be sharing after today’s talk. So if you’re interested in those, stay tuned. But as we dive in love to see all of you in the chat. We’re gonna be talking about Discord for developer communities or technical communities or aka how to figure out where that damn beep is coming from an other Discord things.

Erin Mikail Staples 6:14
I feel like the number one feedback or the number one thing that I’ve heard about using Discord is it feels like there’s a beep coming from somewhere and all the time and I don’t know what server’s turning it on. And I don’t know where it’s coming from. And this platform is just always yelling at me. And if you relate to that, feel free drop it in the chat, send me a beep. Let’s kind of get going. I want to also get a quick vibe check from anybody here. If you’re listening in and you’re in the chat on, let me know we heard we have the CFE Discord. But I’m also curious to know how many of you are familiar with Discord. I know we’ve got Vinita here in the audience, and she runs a really great Discord on community building and tactics. But anybody else here is running a discord. Or it’s new. I would love to hear from you at this point. And what else we’ve got. So give a quick moment we’ll have a quick pause. And just let you know doing a quick vibe check. How many of us have used Discord and how many of us feel confident or anything? So just taking that quick vibe check. I’m seeing a lot of I always mute anything. I’m seeing a couple people who are super, you know, familiar with Discord and what’s it got? I’ve seen folks that are like, I have no clue on what I’m doing in Discord. Oh, I’m seeing Discord.devs love to see that. I’m really excited around that one. Um, if you’re new, really glad to have you here. Got a couple of new to Discord. We were all going to just kind of be honest, a couple of lurkers, you’re all friendly. You’re all welcome here, no matter what level you’re at. So really excited to have you here. And again, at any point, there’s the common rule, I believe, like, there is no such thing as a stupid question. So if you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

Erin Mikail Staples 8:17
But before we kind of dive into things deeper, wanted to kind of let you know a little bit more about myself. So I’m Erin Mikail Staples. I am a community explorer. I been in the technical community space, formally and professionally probably for the past five or so years. However, we can say that I’ve been very online most of my life. Outside of the day job. I am a stand up comedian. So I do comedy. I do sketch writing, and you can catch me bouncing around Brooklyn telling jokes. And lastly, probably my favorite social platform tends to be Twitter. However, you will catch me probably on Discord more often than not. These days, you can find me more likely to be using Discord than Slack, or even Discourse and other forums. So really excited to do that. So little bit more about myself there, as we kind of get going. I am someone who’s very online grew up in that origins, the internet like many other millennials, I, as you could say I am raised by the internet.

Erin Mikail Staples 9:31
So my early days were spent on MySpace, I was a very Tumblr person, my crushes were all on Live Journal. I was an original member and really was super active on the Sims two custom content forum and really geeked out about making the best Sims mods and hats and clothing styles, much to my parents thinking that I was going to die on the internet. My i Mother used to always tell me, you’re going to get murdered by strangers on the internet when I was growing up, and really didn’t like the fact that I was hogging the computer all the time. And that familiar dial up sound was very too familiar in our household. Even today. She’s a little nervous about that. Um, but sorry, Mom, I’ve managed to make building communities online and making friends online, my living, I spend so much time online. That’s how I’ve met a lot of folks. And I’m really enjoying this world that we’re building. So for today’s adventure, giving you a little roadmap on where we’re going to be going. First off, we’re going to be diving in what the heck is going on in discord? Why is it popular? What’s interesting about this, what are we going on, will then be diving into discord in practice. So we’ll be getting our hands dirty, all of us today are going to be interacting and playing in a Discord. And we will be building a Discord server together. I’m a big believer, the best thing to do, but to learn something is to get your hands dirty and do it yourself. Then we’ll be talking a little bit more about the possibilities and potential of this platform, and why I’m really excited, especially for those technical and open source communities. And where we see those going.

Erin Mikail Staples 11:24
We’ll also explore a little bit about what’s next and what’s to come, as well as basic safety and moderation. And then have some question and answers at the end. But any point during this time period, I want you to reach out. Ask me a question. Tell me more what you’re working on. Let me know. Raise your hand I’m here for you. So in order to know about where Discord is at right now, we needed to hop in the DeLorean and go back in time. And for that back in time, I’m talking about 2015 to be exact. Discord got its start formally as a company in 2015. But actually its origins can be traced back to 2011. The concept of Discord came from Jason Citroen and he has been a founder of Discord. Previously, he was the founder of OpenFeint, a social gaming platform for mobile games, and Stanislav Vishnevskiy, I hope I pronounced that right, who had founded good work guild work who was another social gaming platform. You know, Citron sold to OpenFeint to six months old OpenFeint to Gru e in 2011 for $104 million. Then we started to see this evolution into a game development studio. This leader product fates forever, which was a game collaborative game released in 2014, was the one of the very first platforms to be elite released on mobile platforms, but and you know, did not become quite so commercially successful.

Erin Mikail Staples 13:02
Right now, one of the problems with social platforms and social gaming platforms is how hard it is to collaborate with one another when you’re doing social gaming, you want to be able to be able to duck and dip dip, dive and dodge. And all of that to goes to say is coordinating with your teammates. If you’ve ever played League of Legends, World of Warcraft, I was a Runescape nerd my handle was fancy far I will out myself right there. I did play World of Warcraft as well, and League of Legends, total geek fair warning. Um, but it really had a lot of games. And he was like, how are you supposed to collaborate on strategy, if you know, your, like competitors can hear you that’s not going to work. So what they wanted to do is these founders later developed a voice over IP software, which led to a later chat service, focusing on user friendliness without impact in performance, because if you’re planning online, you need those actions and you need that help for everybody. Now, let’s think about this. We now think of discord as a kind of a confusing server and a place to be and I’ll break down why but for most of the time, in these early days, this discord was largely audio. And it was a way to kind of simultaneously collaborate. I remember playing League of Legends on Discord and having friends on this at time. Now about the formal name of discord. I find this as like kind of a fun quirky fact about it. The name discord was actually chosen because it sounds cool and it has to do with talking. It was easy to say it was easy to spell. It was easy to remember, and it was easy to trademark and put a website behind. So bonus points for all of that. They also wanted to solve the problem problem of creating discord aka conversation within the gaming community, creating it really social discord was later publicly released in 2015, Discord However, they didn’t really think that it was going to be a gaming thing at first, we kind of all just thought it was going. And it’s kind of first take off that happened, is actually thinking about IRC. So we actually owe IRC and can blame IRC for the rise of discord. And the reason is this. One of the first places that they really started to see traction is when people were posting in gaming subreddits and replacing the IRC chat in these gaming subreddits with a Discord server. Now we have got those people who wish that we had IRC back. But I would argue that this actually created another way of more accessible people getting into gaming, things moved on, time got bigger, we all started to see more gaming communities really double down on the discord because you could use the audio feature to stream your game, share a video, talk more about it, and continue to move forward. In 2018, they had partnerships with Twitch and Xbox Live, so you could make gaming even easier. And this kind of adopted this next product adoption cycle, making it seamless for folks to adopt all of this. Now, we started to book progress outside of just gamers and those MMPORPG communities or massive multiplayer role playing games, and move into this chat for communities and friends push in 2020. In 2019, Discord raised a giant seed round in a giant or a giant seed round. Another giant round of funding, I believe I want to say was about 20 million or $20 billion or something like that it was something really huge. But the intention of this was moving on and that focus on community, very idea very focused on this whole movement towards just connecting with one another and what else happened in 2020. Well, I don’t feel like I have to tell you these days, but we had the global pandemic hit and all of a sudden, everybody was online, and everybody wanted to connect with friends and people in new ways.

Erin Mikail Staples 17:31
Fast forward to now and we’ve seen so many other companies dive in and use discord professionally as themselves. So I see Rachel jumping in we’ve got a web3 loves Discord, we see gaming and discord. I’ve thrown up a quick here thing here about all the different companies that are using Discord today. And this is just a short snippet I’ve dropped a link here below and I’ll drop it as well. In the chat if you want to go to oss discord, you will be able to see all of the different open source discord and that’s just a great start of all of it. So we’ve seen companies from Stripe, OpenSauce, Netlify, Figma, Miro, even the very own has a Discord community.

Erin Mikail Staples 18:20
One other cool opportunity that we’ve been seeing is conferences. So I don’t know how many else people were geeking out about the deserted island DevOps because I know I was and I was way about that deserted island DevOps. But I’m a fan studies geek I researched in grad school fandom studies and got to geek out about that. And one of the really cool things is that fan studies network for the past two years has done their conference on you know, Discord, which is really cool. I’m seeing other folks jump in Cloudfare, Astro, Gatsby or other ones that they’re in um, if you have another Discord that you really love and belong to let me know I run a small discord of makers that’s called Happy build our and has a stream that goes with it. And we just build fun cool things. But my one rule is it has to be fun and light hearted and it’s only an hour and it has to be beginner friendly and they can’t be a skill that you learn at your day job and I found that the nice audio chat is really helpful for learning more.

Erin Mikail Staples 19:21
Now however, we’ve got some mixed feelings about Discord and I even saw it pop up in the chat when we very first got started today. Discord hasn’t always gotten the best reputation and we are really struggling sometimes to figure out why Discord hasn’t taken off and what hasn’t been doing so I want to drop in a quick little vibe check here. How many people are on the oh my goodness, love discord. It’s the greatest thing in the world. The best thing ever, or I’m not a fan. Put me back to slack. Take me back to my IRC, let’s try courier pigeons again, maybe smoke signals, whatever else. I want to know I kind of want to see what people are thinking here about discord. So when we get to that vibe check section I’m gonna pause here because we’ve got a little bit of a lag in the delay. Let me know what do we think about discord?

Erin Mikail Staples 20:22
Oh love the ladies in DevOps discord that’s a really cool one. I’m a big fan of that one. So thank you Amy for dropping that one in. If we have any other discord fans here and it’s okay you can drop in. Discord is terrible, and I hate this platform, you’re not going to hurt my feelings. We see some people smack dab in the middle. Love the utility hate the UI. I’m Rachel, we’ll go over a little tick, like a trick today to make that UI. Very easy, Tony, thanks for the love on the slides. I’m at the goop goober on this. Now, where ever you are on that kind of spectrum. Know that you’re not alone. I pulled these just a quick Twitter search. And so no one’s like, this is like people are like, it’s confusing. It’s hard that you I know I feel you. And there’s a little trick that I’ll teach you later today that has made such a difference in me using discord. But it’s like, I hate it. I don’t like it. It’s so annoying. It’s not for people who haven’t tried. These are all smart, amazing people. However, you know, there’s also a lot of optimism here in this area. We have a better pricing model we have more moderation. There’s a lot of like safety things that discord has really done in this space. Moderation is really important. I know that discord has really taken off for communities that are restrictive, or maybe adult communities, which I think is really interesting. So that’s all really cool.

Erin Mikail Staples 21:56
Wherever you stand on the spectrum. I’m totally support you. And we’ll be here for you to kind of encourage whatever decision you’d like. But hopefully today you’ll learn a few tricks to make it just a little bit easier. Um, when we think about Discord, here are some of my big perks to using Discord, and why I haven’t really been spending that much time on Slack these days.

Erin Mikail Staples 22:19
The moderation and safety element is a huge one. I think that’s so important that trust that safety, even just having the app that you can have to have an email verification or two factor verification is so important. The pricing model I even see it coming up in our chat that 90 days of histories. Yep, that was it. I tried to search something in a community recently and I got frustrated and ran away. threads you can actually have bots that force threads in your discord communities, or that permissions by channel and we’ll go over that again today are another really great one. Um, notifications. You can turn notifications on and off by channel in your Discord server and even why. DMs this is probably by far my favorite feature of Discord. If you DM someone on say, let’s pretend it to Slack. And then you try to DM the same exact person but maybe in a different Slack and you’re in multiple slacks and you’re like crap, I don’t remember what slack I messaged them in holy cow. Where do I find this message? Discord, you’re always going to DM me that’s really easy on that Profile Management if you have multiple profiles, or you want to have different profiles, and they’ve recently made an update that made it easier to go back and forth between them. That’s been really great.

Erin Mikail Staples 23:33
And lastly, events. So I really like the built in scheduling events feature and the ability to link either out to an external event, or even design an internal event. Again, you’ll see this vibe check slide throughout different parts of the presentation today. I’m a big fan of just pulse checking. What are you super excited about in discord? What are you thinking about? Is there something that I mentioned in that past list that you’re like, holy cow, I didn’t know about that? What do we know? How can we get to talking about it, and we’ll make sure to dive into that later today. Again, I believe that we should meet people where they’re at. So if you have a specific talk or feature or something that you want me to dive in on, let me know and I’m here to help out

Erin Mikail Staples 24:22
All right, a few little different moments here. I’m big fan of I see the DM featuring. I’m really excited about that. Um, it’s a huge one here. All right, so if we’re ready to jump on, um, let’s get to work. Um, who’s ready to make some discord servers and play around together. And I’m gonna actually switch my screen and we’re going to be building a Discord server together today. Again, I am a really big believer if you’re going to do something, you got to do it together. So here’s the link. I’ll drop it in the chat as well. let’s go playing around, we’re going to have some fun and you’ll be invited to a pretty empty discord at this current point and seen some authenticity, comments, big fan. Hey, Eric, good to see you here, this spontaneous, authentic conversations, I’m a big fan of that as well. So all we’re going to do and if you’re curious on how I made that server and that you’re popping into right now, what we do is we have that create a server. So it’ll pop up this little kind of channel here, and it’ll give you that preview. The server is where you and your friends start talking. And a discord. You’ll have four primary channels that exist, audio, video, events, and forums. And we’ll back and dive into that. And also, I really want to highlight Rachel’s comment here before we immediately Dryden in the web3 community they write, it’s generally encouraged to turn discord DMs off completely, because there’s so much scanning going on. And I agree, I points when I’m in a server, you can turn off or set levels of different DM permissions by server, which is a really cool feature that they’ve enabled for safety. So super exciting. All right, a bump out here. Check in I’m seeing a bunch of new people, if you have made it to the server. Welcome. This is a little test server here, I’ve got going. The onboarding in is in general chat, you’ll see this is a very new discord. Once you’re in all I want you to do is just drop a note, say hello. So I’m just going to share my screen, you’ll be able to see it here. Make sure that I’m on the right thing.

Erin Mikail Staples 27:02
Doo doo doo doo doo, we’re actually going to full screen, my screen again usually got to be love all the permissions, get ready to do. So we’ve got this nice little screen. Welcome Friends. Alright, now that you’re here, once you’re in this discord, all I want you to do is just drop a note, say, Hey, what’s up, I see all here. And if you don’t feel comfortable jumping in and out, that’s totally fine. You can wave to say Hi, this is the again, totally blank server. Totally easy one to kind of just get started pretty out of the box features. One of the things you’ll notice is everybody is kind of just dumping into this general channel. And that’s kind of the default when you have a new Discord server. What it’ll do is it’ll always prompt so we’ll give you a quick little tour about discord. So discord. What we’ll see here is in discord you’ll have on this far left panel is all the different communities that you’re in. And it’ll have anything so you can see I’m in the Medusa community, Mero developers, one, OpenSauced is one I’m in pretty much. This is a podcast that I love about you know encounters. We’ll have the Stripe discord, some friends ones that I’m in super great. In this little black panel here, you’ll see all of the different channels that are in that existing discord. And each channel, you’ll be able to see who’s there. And this will tell you everybody who is in that channel, if we set up different permissions by channel, you’ll see that these might change and that’s okay. And so all of this is here and I’ll give you a few ones. I love the gifs coming in.

Erin Mikail Staples 28:52
Here you’ll see the chat panel it looks like many of you have found that already. You can do gifs if you have nitro which is like chat perks you can do added emojis gifs here is pretty great. We can have some trending one heck out one day till Friday. Emojis are here and you can add different emojis by servers and I’ll even tell you like, this is OBS a streaming one so I can see like we can drop different emojis. If you want to react to a specific message you can use use that emoji there. You can drop in different stickers, they have the like different stickers that can happen. OBS ones, you know I love the you always get to appreciate the works on my machine one. You can also drop in links and they’ll embed which is really nice. You’ll notice a couple other ones. So I have this moderator only one it’s got only me because I’m the only mod but I can give you all mods here so I can see. What we can do is it’ll tell me I haven’t really created any rules. But if you were to create a moderator and for the sake of today, I’m going to make sure that everybody is a moderator for this River. So just make sure we’re not blowing everything up here. Okay, um, but I want y’all to see all the different actions and opportunities that you can create. Just as a word of note, I do not recommend this for any other server, please do not give moderation permissions to people you don’t know, personally, this is a server that I made for today. So for learning, so if this gets blown up, really not to upset. Um, you’ll notice, again, that server online thing here is thing. One thing I did set up a permission on the safety permissions is where we’re seeing those verified not. So I have a setting that is a setting I have created. That is a you can only see if the moderators have a verified email address, which is something I do recommend.

Erin Mikail Staples 30:57
So it’s really easy to kind of put a timeout or waiting on that. You also have an announcement channel. So this is a channel, if you want to post an announcement on it’ll kind of go to the entire server, you can make it if an announcement channel, you can actually even cross post them to another server. So you can cross post an announcement channel and get updates in other servers, which is really exciting. The other thing you’ll see is a stage channel. So I’ll jump in. Right now you’ll see a stage you can set an event, you can determine different things, we can start a stage with a conversation, we can just show testing out the stage. And I apologize in advance if you get some funky audio notice. But a stage channel is like your presentation or your webinar for a period of time it did limit this to 25 people. Discord is a little funky in how they do their things. So you should be able to hear me I’m sorry, if there’s a double audio, I’m gonna mute myself on Discord, you’ll find the audio controls right here on that bottom of the screen, you can also pop out the chat, which is kind of a nice little feature. I don’t know if it’s going to show me on what that looks like. But if you pop out that chat, it’ll put you in there. And then you can just pop it back in. So I’m gonna go ahead and quickly share my entire screen again, entire screen.

Erin Mikail Staples 32:27
So here’s that entire screen again, we’ve popped out the chat, I’m on mute. And that’s the reason you can’t hear the double voices in discord because it’d be really annoying that you can just pop it in clicking that button. Notice I am still live in this stage when you close the chat. Because it was designed for gaining I am on audio only. It’s going to still keep me in to end an audio chat at any point, either click leave the stage, disconnect quiet leave the stage to leave a talking portion or disconnect quietly. You can also at any point, click this little disconnect quietly in the corner. And I’m gonna go ahead switch again. So you can see the full screen which streamer had had the double preview feature where you could double screenshare. But again, make sure you’re disconnecting anytime you were an audio or a stage channel. There have been those situations where people have thought they disconnected because they close the window. And they’re still connected. And I’m now hearing their life’s journey inside of this.

Erin Mikail Staples 33:29
We will also see you can see a request to speak if they show up here. So if you want to raise your hand, you’ll see that at the middle of bottom your screen. And you can also see different stage settings we can change the name here, we can see how things are going. I’m gonna go ahead and leave the stage and you’ll notice that the stage stays open. I’m just moved to the audience. From there I can also invite members to come up on the stage or disconnect quietly and I’m gonna go ahead and disconnect and end that stage. It always gives you this little preview and gets that little smile. Who I love people fighting out they have those moderator powers. I love the all caps. Hell yeah, all caps. From there, all of it we’re seeing all of these moderator memes I’m here for all of that. Now, if you want a more casual channel, we have voice channels and I’m gonna pop in it and you’ll be able to see this is a voice channel I have myself muted. Currently I am just doing voice now if we want to go hecka meta, I can click on this. What I can do is continue to present and I can either turn on my camera or share my screen. Now I have discord nitro which is kind of cool. And I get the perk to that is they do better stream quality additional, you know icons or gifts or the ability to boost a server which creates it aware I can see others here. I can turn on my camera and say hi and you can get a slightly different camera angle. We can share my screen and if you want to see Stream yard view I’ve got check it out. Here’s the streamyard view, we’re doing super meta here. Um, I can stop streaming, turn off my camera. And it’ll tell you even have these little tools that’ll let you pick your mic, your audio where I’m at what I’m doing.

Erin Mikail Staples 35:17
They also have the inbox, which will tell you kind of your notifications across all channels. You can look at just mentions that’s for later on in the channels, but even show change your settings. So if I don’t want to see anybody on video, you can turn it off. I can also have a chat here which will have this nice little chat and since this is a message that only people in this voice channel will see. So this channel will be primarily there. Now, exiting out and friendly reminder, make sure to click the RED Disconnect button. You can’t just leave the chat or minimize your discord. You’ve got to press disconnect. So disconnect which closes the voice channel. Those notes will be there for next time. Now quick vibe check how are we feeling? Want to make sure that we’re feeling good. So just moving on here, I’m gonna do the same thing. We can do the same commands of slack we have a here command, which has got beautiful here and just notifies people online. Or we can do it everyone chat. Because I’m going to go drunk with power. I’m going to use that beautiful everyone chat. I’m gonna drop a vibe track how you feeling? And then reply with a GIF on how you feel. This is always a problem when you talk to talk online. It’s always the you know chaos of like, Oh my goodness. Reply, we can even create a thread here I’m going to make a thread. We’re going to do a winky face, boom, thread started. message here. If you’re using a tool like CommonRoom, or Consul or Orbit or many others of those tools, they do pick up most of them I do believe homerooms and other one they do pick up those thread channels. So what we can see all of this things happen. But if you’ve got a vibe check, drop it in my vibe check thread, you’ll be able to access the thread by clicking message and dropping down to the vibe check section. New Challenger approaching high five. Everything’s fine. You got those Todd, I feel a new high five back I can add a reaction. We can plus them. I’m in a high five and plus all of them.

Erin Mikail Staples 37:40
You’ll notice all these threads threads pop out like this in Discord. Whoa, we’ve got some lows, if you want to add everything. You can also use slash commands like in Slack. Again, brand new Discord. I can do things like table flip. And it’ll ask me like table flip. This is so cool. So this is so cool table flip, some fun little ones. And then it’s like, we’ve got this. If we just want to do the simple giffy it’s got it there. Coats cool, dude. We’ve got some code cool do the other thing. If you’re running this for a company, one of the cool things that you can do is make sure that your gifts are on a rating scale. So next step, what we’re gonna do is we’re going to dive into the server specific settings. So if we’re feeling good, going to services, specific settings, and how we’ll be doing that, I’m going to just put a note here, react to this message with an emoji thumbs up if you’re comfortable. Moving on to server settings. If we got that, I’m gonna just create this reaction, drop that emoji thumbs up. If you’re not comfortable. That’s okay. I’m going to put an X emoji here. That’s okay.

Erin Mikail Staples 39:08
So we see a couple people moving in, it’s okay, if you want to keep testing around those beautiful little emojis. And everything, you can totally do that. We can kick we can name all that stuff. So I’m seeing a few people. If you want to just get the heck out of this chat. We can close it. And I also want to call out one quick thing you’ll notice I didn’t go over the forums and what we’ll do is I’ll show that around here in a second. So if you’re feeling comfortable, go ahead and drop a reaction here. I’m gonna creep on the channel. Give another moment just to kind of peek on what’s going on over here. Doo doo doo doo doo and see if we have anything in the chat. All of that stuff so we’ve got a pretty good here. Good to awesome. Looks like we’re doing pretty good. See some evil vases. I’m going to laugh that great, thanks vignette, we can see even that general channel here and also I was a silly goober and I moved my Vive check here to the moderator channel. So I made a discord goof myself. And you’ll notice that I moved it accidentally to the moderator only channel. So I want to go do that same thing, and I apologize for that that is on me make sure you are the right channel selected, because I’m just going to facepalm a little bit. And we’ll do a little bit of a facepalm. Everyone I was closing, seeing a private channel who’s ready to move on?

Erin Mikail Staples 40:49
Oh, that’s ready to hear. And again, apologies on that. But that just kind of shows you this platform can be confusing. Don’t make yourself feel bad about it. Awesome, great, wonderful. We’re gonna move on to server settings, which has one of my kind of favorite little things here to kind of move on. We can discuss archive categories and the temporary channels as well. So don’t feel like you are overwhelmed. And we can definitely do that. So don’t hesitate, what we’re gonna be doing now is jumping into server settings. Now, some of you should be having these because of that moderator feature. If you don’t make sure your email is verified. And that’s just kind of things here. What it says is you’ll see icon, I can change it here, we can change to whatever we’ve got, if we have a pool icon, change the server name. If you have an inactive channel, it’ll move you if it’s like, Hey, dude, you were breaking a rule. Discord has a feature called timeout. And timeout basically means like, Yo, timeout, that’s what happens is, you’re basically you can see what’s going on, but you’re going to be moved to a channel where you gotta go, take a time out, you can’t be posting messages, you can’t be engaging, you can’t continue to fight the flame.

Erin Mikail Staples 42:11
The other thing is we have the systems messages channel. So when you kind of saw that message where it said, So and so has joined the server, this channel determines us. In some servers, we put that into like an onboarding one, and see what’s going on here. Alright, see, we’ve got a minor confusion here. So if you’ve got any questions, feel free to slow down, all I’m going to do is make sure that everybody has those beautiful permissions. So I’m going to go ahead, I’m slowing down a little bit here. And we’re just going to jump into the moderator channel, edit it, I’m gonna give some permissions, I want everybody to be able to manage this channel. I want everybody to be able to channels permissions. And this is specific channel permissions. I want to add members and roles to the moderator only channel. So all I’m doing, and I apologize for the confusion, because I know this is kind of a headache thing. We’re going to slow down here. All I’m doing is just giving everybody access to that private channel.

Erin Mikail Staples 43:22
So everybody should have access to that moderator channel. Oh, and server settings. Thank you for asking. And I know we’ve got a few asking. So I believe everybody should have that moderator role, everybody should have access to that moderator role. On here, we’re gonna go up to the top servers settings. And Tony, please don’t apologize at all. That’s what we’re here for. I’m completely cool that that’s what this is learning for. We can show all these messages. So right now anything’s like, helpful tip for server setup. If you’re in a private server, you can DM that you can remove that sticker reply, you can send a random welcome message, not really need that notification settings, you can be a all messages. Don’t do that you’ll drive people nuts, or only mentions. Again, from here, I will see I’m going to create a rule. Give everybody a moderator rule like you can’t access server settings and just change that. So roles are like permissions in discord. So this is when you start getting levels and access in different ways of participating in a server. So if you’re new to this, go to the Roles section. Give yourself permissions. I want them to be able to manage the server and save changes. I want them to view everything because again, if this is a learning server, how the heck are you supposed to learn if we don’t turn all the is on. Great, have a wonderful time. Go wild friends, I’m turning all these on and I’m gonna go at everybody remembers this role.

Erin Mikail Staples 45:14
Apologies on that guy’s gotta listen to my sound effects as we walk through this process we’re all learning at different speeds here all learning different fun times them all. So you all should have access to this server. So I’ve gone ahead, you should all have access to be able to moderate the server I’ve given y’all access to kind of go wild, you can turn on events, save changes. And even if you want to give admin privileges have a great time, November’s again, we’re gonna blow up this server all the time after this event. So you’re not going to hurt my feelings on this kind of stuff. You give on all the permissions, I’m gonna drop the power friends. So again, all of it is good. And some of that I realized was on me, so apologies for that little learning curve. Even all the pro stuff gets confusing at times, if we wanted to create roles, and roles are really great for you’ve seen this, like when discords have permissions, like if you are a JavaScript developer, or front end developer react with this emoji and get this permission we’ll go through on how to do that later. But one of the things is like, we can even just simply do ones, like create a role and go super secret fanclub. So we’re gonna create a role. And if you want to create a role while I’m doing this, go ahead, we can even create a Macomb purple, pink, we can give them an icon, I think I have like different things, I don’t have a boost server, but you could give them an icon next to their name. If we want to display them separately and target different members, we can do that. So I’m just gonna go ahead and give a role and pick some random members to do this. So at you know, very strategic thinking of my member picking by the scroll bar, I have picked these people, they will be able to see what the server looks like as a super secret fan club member. This is really great.

Erin Mikail Staples 47:24
If you want to have a company only discussion or a private one or get away from everything will then create a new channel, channel, text. And what I can do is I can create a super secret fan club channel. Turn on that private channel, go next. And I can turn on and just select those people in that role and create it. So now if you’re in the super secret fan club, we can talk about super secret things go here. Now, the one thing I’ll give a caveat for on this. Because I’ve given you a moderator privileges, you’re all going to be able to see this channel. So also, I’m sharing my screen in a super secret channel. So because you all have moderator privileges, I can see all of you online. And so that will make it so everybody can see it. However, only the people in this super secret fan club club could see this. And so jumping in Rick glad to see you guys are enjoying this, I’m appreciating the chat on the CFP site and the discord. So both are going in here. Going to be doing this corresponding great happy to be doing this roles. You can do rules to just have a category members to ping all at once without any special permissions and different people for different people who can help with different programming languages. And yes, that is so true. Think about it, like Slack groups, if you use that at your previous organization. Like we have one for support, and you could just do app support and slack. If you had an issue. We can do things so if I just want to ping my super secret fan club members in our general channel, I can go to super secret fan club and I see we’ve got a few extra fan clubs coming on we can have some super secret extra secret fan clubs, and we can have a bunch of different channels so I’m really digging this um, and Amy Yeah, that’s what I love about get cup get pot and one of the things that I even want to point out in this as well is we have these channels. I’ve turned them on so you can see them in the sidebar. If you are truly making a super secret fan club probably don’t put them in the side panel and the first um and I love this question thank you for posting um we have inactive but reading lurkers, how do you refer to them in the community? So how do you what do you Call them How do you reactivate them? We’re going to go on that a little bit later. And one of the big reasons behind that is because when I have seen inactive people in a discord community, honestly, I leave them there, you can see on the side of my page, how many stupid discords I am in and I say stupid with love. It’s just like, I looked at them once, and then I joined and then some of these are even my own things that I made, and then I have ignored and I have just ignored them. So you know, I’m very active Lurker in a lot of other communities. And like, let’s kick into side channel, which is just totally, uh, I have turned off my notifications in all of these were some of these are just archived. So yeah, the end. That’s what it looks like. It’s a lot. But going back into our learning discord for devs video on that questions, I would for reactivating them, what happens and I’m going to show you something dangerous. So I can go into the server. And I can just basically turn off, I don’t really want to know about anything, I want to turn off my notifications, I can turn off all of these. And so yeah, I don’t really want to know, I can change my notifications, I can turn off when any someone pings everyone, which is my pet peeve, I can turn off events, I can change my privacy setting by profile or how I appear. And that’s a great way to kind of keep things chill. The other thing that’s really great is just controlling it even by channel. So if you’re you’re finding that the channels are getting a notion annoying, just right click mute channel, muting, it just turns it off until you don’t want to turn on again, you can clone channel if you have the permissions upset light, you can edit channel, invite people specifically just to that channel, or change your notification settings. Like one thing that we used to do at my old job is we had a API questions channel and people who didn’t touch our API were like, do not bother me. And so they would just turn off the notifications for that channel.

Erin Mikail Staples 51:58
Alternatively, you can create those roles and just turn on permissions, you opt into a channel like that. Another one best way to do polls in discord. So adding questions and options in texts and suggesting reactions, that’s a really common way, there’s a couple of bots that we’ll go over later, that will show you even advanced features on that. So, again, kind of going through the pace of the group. So thank you for putting those questions. What I’m going to do is put these in a new text channel of text. And this is questions for later and all I’m doing creating a question for later channel, dropping this in, I’m super glad that you’re learning a lot and I’m just gonna put Isabella then brought back here, and then create a thread and then be like pulls on this work and being like, if you want the answer thank you message to be notified if you didn’t hear notifications off.

Erin Mikail Staples 53:11
The other thing is is the Discord folders so you can really see my Discord folders to create that we just kind of blocked down here in this bottom, you can see add a server and that’s if I wanted to create a new server, you can see the public servers. But the other thing you can do is create a Discord folder. So if you see when I’m in multiple what you can do is go to the top page of your settings. Servers settings are up here on that discord settings.

Erin Mikail Staples 53:46
Discord for later what we’re doing here jumping in on all of that. But making folders. What you’ll do, as I do this is up in the notifications which of course, is under away from the full screen that you see, you can create a folder of new ones. So close all folders folder setting Mark folders of red, even just by dragging them on top of each other, you’ll create a folder. So I think these are really old servers. Again, merge them on top of each other, and you’ll create a new one. There’s also a setting in top of the discord settings there. But that’s a good one. Awesome. Great, all that good stuff. All right, jumping into more settings, events. If you have events, you can create an event here. We can even create where it’s at a state channel voice channel. We can put it somewhere else we can put like at the local hang around the corner. You can put really fun things we can put Twitch channels. You can use other streaming tools to get here. Now let’s dive in to the magic of DMs. And so that’s kind of the big last one for the server today. So our DMs will pop up right up here on that direct messages where you kind of saw them earlier, what we’re going to do, and I’m going to just find someone, hopefully you’ve got it on in the server, going to go,

Erin Mikail Staples 55:19
I’m going to message someone here, Rachel, I’m gonna jump on pick on you. And what I’m going to do is just send a message, and I can see a message you can see, on this side, you’ll see people who I’ve recently dammed, you can see people I can add a friend, I hope you don’t mind me adding a friend, if you don’t want to me, you can not find me, that’s fine. I can wave and drop a little wave. I can see this is a DM message here. That’s what it’s got there. And I hope you don’t mind me picking on you a little bit. Thank you for letting me use that DM thing. And apologies if you didn’t like that. Don’t really like to put people on the spot on that sort of thing. And normally, I create a second account for that type of stuff. For other things, if we want to move servers around, we can make rules, we can create folders. So we want to create folders in our server, we can do so by adding either like the channel or kind of going in this top being like I want to create a new category and say, This is a category. And sometimes you’ll see this if we have like tutorials or new channels or new things, doing so on here. So questions here. Awesome. Um, good question on this one. So on Henri, I’m going to jump into your question next.

Erin Mikail Staples 56:44
So one of the biggest things that we see with those voice and text channels, but I can’t create stages or events is that a paid feature? It’s not it is what they call a community feature. So that community feature, what happens and I’m going to create a thread for this is turning on a community setting for your server. So this is a community setting. I know there’s a slight lag. So thanks for your patience is I kind of multitasking with the stream being about 20 seconds ahead. On this from the server settings, you’ll have to go to server settings. And you’ll see a community server, if I didn’t turn the community server on, if you create a brand new server, it’ll just say make this a community server. And people that don’t have a community server can’t have those stages or other purposes. And that was part of that most recent change there. So that’s kind of the one there. Other things you can do. You can allow or not allow different emojis, stickers, if again, you’re boosted. That’s when you do a paid plan. And then booster server. You can add widgets, if you want to turn on a server widget, you can create a widget that is kind of embed it so you can see it in other sites. We see this a lot at conferences when you have a surface area where people are like Yes, sir templates, I’m going to make a channel that has the best tutorials or the best different things. It’s designed for maybe my after school club, or my gaming crew or my sourdough Baking Club, whatever that is, you can create a thing for custom invite links.

Erin Mikail Staples 58:37
So if you ever see discord, links that are like things here. There you go. That’s when you can do integrations, that’s your YouTube twitch. If you have certain channels that you’re following web hooks, you’re building bots and apps. And again, we’ll get into that kind of stuff leader. That’s where we’ll see a lot of those features. For moderation tools. This is a really important one. And we’ll dive into more later. But what we’ll be doing is having those membership screenings. So you can say, here’s an example of my server, they have to verify their email. I can say server rules, it’ll be like, you know, must like CSV dot dev rights, civil and respectful. They have these great pre awesome ones. Fun fact. Discord is one of the few social platforms that actually enforces misinformation on their platform, which is a really cool sort of feature that is there. So I can click Save. Now we have server rules. If you were to just join all of that safety. You can do things like if you’re doing public events and posting your Discord server publicly turn these on I cannot iterate more I will tell an embarrassing story of when I did not turn them on. Um, I had the verified email on I thought that was enough, I was running a asynchronous conference, User Conference professional one. And it was like week three on my new job go me, I had the low on, I thought it was fine. Had media content from all members fine. Um, we were in a audio channel, this was before stages came out. And someone joined the audio channel, and went off mute, and then made a bunch of more accounts, and kept going. And let’s just say there was some inappropriate bodily noises that we heard from an individual during a conference where my new boss of two weeks was on server, trying to interview someone. Moral of the story, just assume the internet is bad, especially if you’re promoting it publicly. And yeah, just Yeah. Automatic, if people have started spamming people, you can turn that on and off, you can say, please do not mention 20 people at once. You can send alerts to people, you can create new rules. That’s a very beta feature. I’m in all the beta things here. And I have a problem with that. So you can also see all of these different ways. So if you are running one from a company, and you’re like, Hey, what are these people doing? I have a bunch of randos in my company, and they’re like, Oh, wow. So and so just added a bunch of weirdos don’t really want that. You can also see the ban hammer here

Erin Mikail Staples 1:01:44
So it does tell you like, hey, they’re by account by IP. And they do tell you how people can circumvent it. So just be mindful. Overview. This is if you wanted to create things. Again, disable will turn off different insights or whatnot. If there’s a primary language, it’s a cool little feature that I really appreciate. Because it’ll put you up globally, community updates, can see server insights. Because I created the server this morning, there’s going to be no insights here. But you’ll see some pretty basic one of like, how many members How many members are active, I’ll give you a peek at what one looks like, Partner Program. This is a cool little feature that they do have getting beta contests. And I’ve been very fortunate to have been part of it in the past. But it allows you to have more engagement, more features, you know, really awesome things but you have to make sure that you’re doing the has to be 500 members has to be at least eight weeks old, tells you when has to be two factor for moderation. And partner like context. So that’s always a really exciting one, their discovery. Right now if you are doing Discord, you can see like, hey, this one needs to be you know, discoverable. So if you want to open it up to the public, go ahead and do that. You can even create a nice little welcome screen where it’s like, I want to do a welcome screen. I want to put just general chat, and they chat about Wumpus is a little character blue guy that you see in discord so we can say cool things alert. General or mate This is general chat some general chat about things. In the setting emoji. We can make it an angel emoji save. Yay. And you can give them a preview like, you know, if we wanted to add another channel, they could be like, drop your discord here.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:03:35
Oh, this is like if you were making Discord whose little game emoji? Let’s do curling heck Yeah. There you go. Booze status. Again, that’s that pro paid feature here. It’s expensive. Bucha 3499 a year, they used to have Nitro, which is a different personal thing that they have. And you can see how different people are you can even prune members. So pruning is like, I want to get rid of people who were last seen more than seven days ago, or more than 30 days ago and have these roles. If you wanted to get rid of people, it’ll tell you to do that to kind of a little way to do that. You can even see invites. So it’ll tell you where these people are coming from, who’s using it, how many times they’ve been used, and when those invites expire. So yes, Discord invites do expire. And then you have that danger zone of delete server here. And no, we don’t want to do that because we’re learning. So awesome. Awesome. Okay. I’ve got a direct message here from Rachel, who got a little message back here. Okay. We’re gonna go back to the slides here in a second. But I wanted to dive in all of this and so get this tutorial in a public link settings. We can embed it in the onboarding process and give them a detailed way of where discord works. I will be posting a discord tutorial at the end. So if you’ve got this, I will be definitely doing it asynchronously. Um, and then I do know this will be on CFE for dev. The other one is if we can message people without adding a friend request, what is the benefit of sitting in front of requests? I love this question. Um, we’re not we’re going to go and we just did server settings. Let’s go into safety settings, let’s warm ourselves up. Thank you, Isabel for asking that one.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:05:28
On this in the lower right hand corner of your screen, you will notice I have got my server settings right here. So in that I see the server settings, things are going well, I’m kind of everything going, I can see I’m on mute, I keep this on mute because I am a paranoid person. The other thing that we’ve got is our audio if I want to deaf and if people are being real loud, I can turn it off. If I want to search a server, I can search. But I can go into my user settings. So you’ll be able to see your phone number. I’ve been a hype squad brilliance. That’s a discord thing. How long I’ve been a subscriber for I keep this Do Not Disturb on all the time, because beeping, if I want to change my username, or so on, and so forth. One thing going back real quick, oops, click too fast. Um, if I click on my profile, it’ll give me the who I am. Discord has a username that has numbers behind it. I don’t know why it does that. Um, so that is just a unique identifier that they use part of it. And I have a little about me, you can change this by server, which is a super cool feature, which is something again, my day job is in this I’ve managed this professionally. I’ve changed this by server. So I don’t necessarily want to be in my day job in my podcasting server. I don’t really want to be known by that. Or I don’t want to be a tech person. And I’ll show you how to change that in a second. And I can change if I want to do custom statuses and be like teaching a discord. If I can click on public

Erin Mikail Staples 1:07:12
call me like what I’m up to, I can add a cool little emoji, let’s do the party period. Whoo. Tell everybody I’m teaching a discord workshop. It’s kind of a fun one. Sometimes if you are asking for a server with advanced statistics or advanced verification, you’ll need to copy and paste your handle what you can do just click here copied, they used to have a lot of Discord is very known for programming, like Easter Eggs in their products. So they used to have it you click a bunch of it would go out, which was kind of a fun little cute feature. More personal settings. Going back to that original question that was asked, you can turn on and off your ability to receive DM. So again, I went uncomfortable, if I want to change my user profile, or even just change profiles by things, I can see what different communities and change what it looks like within servers. So I can change this, it’s all marked down, which is really awesome. privacy and safety things. I can scan direct messages for everybody. Um, I also have turn messages off and was there a friend or do not scan do not recommend that one, either go with those top two, um, I allowed direct messages from server men members, which is on a server privacy. And then I can turn it on for people I may not know if I was concerned, or I felt like I wanted to kind of increase that privacy, I turned that off. One thing to note, if you’re managing a server for a open source or a brand or technical community, it’s really nice to have this because if you’re running an event, and people are too embarrassed to ask something in public or a public chat, I turn it on kind of to have that there. So use data, screen reader usage requests all my data, which is a nice little feature you can even see like authorized apps you can see the different apps that I’m using go again into more about later. Here’s all the different devices that I’m using discord in kind of like that. Different connections. So if I was on and I had GitHub open or XBox actually have a few more on here, um, funny story about these connections if you are listening to Spice Girls, and you have this open and you’re in your community server and you’ve been listening to Spice Girls for 35 minutes, someone in your community might be like, Spice Girls really. So just show you on that profile. They’ll tell you friends request and they’ll even let you know who can send you a friend request. Again, I’m pretty open to it can tell you those billing settings if you want to boost servers. I’ve got two unused ones. Kind of those subscriptions um, I’ve got you know, things there on gift inventories sometimes discord if you’re a pro member, we’ll send you some prizes. I can change Alright, ready for my my mind blowing one When many of you logged in today, your Discord server was probably in dark mode. I can’t stand discord and dark mode, I think it is overwhelming. I can’t stand it, I turn it to light mode and leave it that way. I also keep my computer and light mode. I am one of those super weirdos. So there you go. Put it in the light mode.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:10:27
You can also choose to say cozy or modern. I like that nice little cozy, nice, easy to read ones you can even change like a lot more spacing between groups. But I’ll give you a preview what it looks like we’re gonna go dark mode, who just not as friendly. Like that light mode, can see how big I want my chat, or how small, how much spacing I want between the groups, I kind of lean towards more spacing and how big zoom level is. So that’s a huge one. Accessibility. Um, if you want to show real colors, you can sync profile sync your discord theme. Um, I didn’t realize some of these, these are some new ones. All of that and T il Rachel, people with astigmatism have a harder time reading dark mode texts. Oh, my goodness blows my mind because I have astigmatism pretty bad comes with the bifocals since I was in seventh grade. So yeah, I cannot see crap and a dark mode. And that just blew my mind can even turn on like reduce motions or themes. If you want to enter it, you can say send message. So if you don’t want to just hit enter and sins, you can turn that on. Sometimes we’ll do that text to speech rate, voice and video if you want to do different inputs and outputs, do check this, this can actually cause some problems. If you want to do the video settings. I should have had that on all the time, make cool backgrounds. It’ll have different things there. If you want different processing text and images, you can kind of see a lot of these different ones, but so on and so forth with everything trying to think of there’s another ones that we’ve got going on here. So a lot of notifications again, turn those, you know, desktop notifications. And yes, discard all autos scan that computer for your games. And so if someone’s using your personal computer what you’re getting, but it can turn it off. I kind of make sure that that is disconnected.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:12:33
So again, going to that profile. I don’t like to have my things on there on my profile. So I’m going to here I’m not the only light mode weirdo. Um, yeah, streamer mode is really great. If you’re a streamer. You can choose it to hide personal information or hide invite links, which is super awesome. Again, that English and if we have those advanced ones, we can even turn on developer mode and app test. So if you were testing out in your app, which is always kind of a fun one, you can goof around with it there. But okay, got through a lot. Here we go. Um, yeah, right. If you want to kind of see these things, we’re seeing a lot of tips coming in. Love to see these coming in. Thanks all for joining us. If we’ve got some new ones, we’re gonna jump back to the chat or the to the slides to the slides. I’m gonna stop my screen sharing if you have any questions at all during this process. Again, here for you, I got you. Let me find where I put the dang slide thing in the controls, which is always part of the problem when we do the screen sharing and all the fun stuff. Let’s find where the controls to the presentation. Wait. Did you do all right, pop in our speaker view. Minimize and get this rockin and rollin here here we go. Minimize all the fun of doing live events on here, and I know we’re coming up in about 45 minutes.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:14:19
And I do want to get those advanced questions in. So please let me know when to jump in, give you that window happen. Poppy and so again, we have those four primary type of channels. We can go over forums in just a second. I’ll show you what one looks like in a active forum server for forums. Discord, the way that they do feature development in the way that they release features is they do make people sort of have those kind of a certain time use or accessibility to get those forums and get it going. But we Whew. All right, taking it to the next level would WOOT is as they would say, um, let’s talk bots, tools and other add ons. So if you see people doing verification, we see the me dot six bot is a really common one. And I’ll drop that in there. So me dot six, we can often sometimes see other tools, we did open up developer tools. So I do know that people sometimes like to link this to their own developer tools, I actually do know the warp dot dev team made the super cool bot where any time that someone posts a message in their support channel, in their channel, what happens is it kind of DMS a their support channel on Slack, so we pipe them over, which is really exciting. That’s a really other exciting one, we did kind of quickly touch on the Twitter and other integrations. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you be very, very mindful of security. If you’re not vetting those discord bots properly, and yes, many of them are third party, and they are open source, your community could be at risk. And we see this a lot and hear about it a lot in crypto, um, people will have bots to verify if you have a certain crypto token or an NF T. And with some of these bots, they give you the permission to take over the entire server. So much like I gave you all the admin access to a server that if you blow it up, have a great time, you probably wouldn’t want to do that if you were doing a Discord server for people who maybe you know, wanted to steal that information that would be less than stellar.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:16:54
So please be mindful of that a couple of Discord bots. And again, switching gears to the discord server. What we’ll do here pop back in, as I’ll show you how we will integrate a lot of these. So I’m gonna quickly share my screen again, we’re just going to set up the most popular discord bot. So again, sharing my entire screen. Let’s do it, you can see my presentation here. What I’m going to do is just set up the most popular discord bot, and that’s the Meet sick bot. I, for my knowledge, this one did pass our security test to my last job. So if you are at an organization that needs a little more security, that’s something you can do. I’m already logged in and it just takes my Discord login. It has an NF T pass it has other tools it has sort of other ways of doing this. But anytime that you see those things that are sort of new bots and stuff or new like Twitch YouTube Twitter events, transferring putting on servers, playing music in a server or opting into notifications, that’s likely a music spot so I’m gonna go ahead and add it to discord. I’m gonna select a server, it’s going to take a second to load I’m going to go ahead and click on the learning discord from devs it’s going to ask me Hey, do you want to log in again and of course we didn’t keep my Discord logged in so we can do some off screen magic here on account make sure that we’re not sharing my information with the universe yada no one sees what I’m doing here did you do this is when I need the elevator music to all of the fun stuff discord and the downside to two factor authentication to to do jumping in and we’ll see what we just got to coming.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:19:21
It is loading.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:19:28
Again, turn on two factor authentication. This is super important. Um, you’ll notice Okay, so I asked I said Hey, turn it on the Discord. Look at how many permissions I have to give this discord bot. If I was doing something with bad intention or bad purposes, the really icky icky icky stuff. Like admin would not be great to kind of pop ugly in. So I’m Rachel, I kind of think the Mi six one is easier versus dyno. I do know the pricing. When I last compare the pricing was a little bit better. And I really liked that. And oh, T IL. Today I learned about such FYI. So I’m going to definitely give that one at checkout because I have not heard about one yet. So thank you, Amy for jumping in that one. But the big thing that I like about it, and you can even change some of these, but it does kind of freak me out. But again, please, please, please that permission, make me a real nervous and get going. Oh, yeah, everything feels longer, like tell me about it. So I’m going to give it permission, we’re jumping into a server. And one thing to note you have a like, thing here to kind of tell you with the discord servers, servers are owned by one person. So if you aren’t a company, make another account. Put those credentials in your company’s OnePassword or LastPass or whatever password manager that you use, lock them up, because Been there done that as well. And Discord support is actually very nice if that happens, and all of that good stuff. So got it things that we can see in here. Some of them are premium. If you’re needed that premium stuff, that’s totally fine. You can do paid tiers, the welcomes, let’s do a reaction role.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:21:29
So I’m going to enable this plugin in our server and the reaction role is probably one of the ones that I use the most in this server. And so when someone mentioned creating roles by what you need to do, we can do this by jumping in, I want to create a channel, we’re gonna put it in the general chat. I’m gonna call it a cool roll, I can say reacts the message, you get your roll to get your rolls. They’re super cool. Be mindful of times, it’ll give you a nice little button. And they’ll say, button editors, it’ll say emojis, I can say pick up from button if you want to click a button to add a role. Or more commonly, we see the emoji and this is something that they also have in their dock. So if we want to go to talk Discord, let’s say or Discord, Discord route developer docs, these are those discord docs, it also has that actions there. So I have seen people and I built myself different tools for those discord developers, if you really want to build your own, there’s a lot of different things that you can do. Documentation is on GitHub, and it has a lot of really fun stuff. So one thing we’re gonna do let’s add a super cool bots we want to add allow member to pick up multiple roles, I want to do an emoji one pretty standard one that we see here is pronouns so we can put let’s do that. So purpleheart for she her I just want to be able to add emoji and all of that good stuff. So I want to do that. I don’t have that but the other thing is like I just goofed. Make sure you have your roles set up first, you’ll have to go to your learning discord, server settings, roles, add roles, let’s do pronouns.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:23:23
So display key for them, they’ve changes add a new role he gives you can this is kind of a pretty standard one and I don’t kind of unfortunately with the gender stereo normed colors but gender can be whatever the heck you wanted. So these aren’t colors that vibe with you. Apologies nominate a favorite color here. They them so can you give kind of all of those there, this is a really common one. Again, just refreshing the page. To to do to do reaction roles, it’s going to pop me right to that creation page. We’re going to add this bot in here. Channel again dropping it in a general chat channel. A lot of times you can also do it in an announcement channel so not other people are going to post in that direction now name pronouns to let other members know. members know your pronouns. Awesome. add emojis, add reactions new new purpleheart about there it’ll give me all my rules right here. So she her reaction. Again, I don’t know why people are all into the dark mode, not me. Blue heart. So again, just for the sake of inclusivity, I really encourage that you put this in, and it is also an opt in process, always opt in, instead of opt out. And one thing that it is letting me know, it’s like, Yo, this is a premium feature. So make sure that you’re upgrading to unlock it.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:25:23
So it’ll make me say, if I want to add multiple roles here, it’s going to unfortunately make me pay for that. So you would add that third one, and it would put it in there. And so I’m not about to put people in a binary. So we’re gonna just do if you want to be a super secret fan club member, what you’ll have to do is, it’s noticed that alert we just got, so it’ll be like, Hey, I can’t do that. Please fix up, I put my role above all the other roles listed here. So what you’ll have to do go do is go back to all of this, and make sure that these are different setting levels. So making sure that we’re moving them up and down, giving them enough permissions to make that possible. And we can even just add, to to do another cool role. Moving that music to the very couple, allow them to have more things on rules, this isn’t hierarchy. So this will make it there becomes a hierarchy. Just going to add, should be able to add the super secret fan club now. And roll, general rule. Here we go. And that’s it.

Erin Mikail Staples 1:26:39
Once it’s done, you can save or publish. And this will go ahead and we’ll see this popping in the announcement servers. So I have found on this, notice, it doesn’t give me good descriptions here. So we’ll need to edit this message. And it just says, let other people know your pronouns, I will have to go in and edit that. So clicking in and editing it here to tell people like yo your roll. And then you’ll be like purple equals. For super secret fan club, blue equals roll, click Save. And because of the magic of technology that has been updated, if you click on that, you will now see what role you has. I can see hovering over it, it’ll tell you right here on the person’s profile their roles, yay. You’ll also notice notes there private there to you, or I can DM someone right from here. So again, I can put a note right here and DM someone. But that’s kind of the basics there. For that sort of thing. Again, now the magic of going back and forth between slides and else other products. Good for the sake of time, just being conscious of where we’re going. I’m want to make sure that we are getting this going. But again, mindful of security, making sure that these are very intentional, very mindful groups when we are talking about security and you saw how many permissions that that required to be in your discord. And that happened there. But let’s see if we pop it back up. I’m jumping back in sharing my screen, got the presentation back up again. We’ll need some back channel support to get that presentation. Back up, get ready to do. And so here we go. Screen back going let’s see if we’re able to see that on my screen one quick moment

Erin Mikail Staples 1:29:21
Just waiting again, for that back channel support technical error here happening. I’m diving into possibilities and potential of Discord and where we see things happening next step. Um, first and foremost, I don’t think Discord is going anywhere. Um, we have a lot of options. They are heavily developing and continuing to improve on their API. They’re continuing to launch new features. They’re continuing to build on this platform. However, I do think we have some things that we need to be mindful of it As we move forward, um, I think we have less tolerance for bullcrap in these servers, and we have less, you know, tolerance for all of the different things that are happening. So that’s kind of a big thing. Please, if you’re in a server and I know if India asked the question earlier today about using people how you reactivate people who are, you know, have ran away from the discord well, um, please don’t use the at everyone use rules to notify people who opt in to notifications, allow people to opt out of channels allow people to opt in if they want to be bothered.

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