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Everything Should Be As Simple As It Is

Building for the web requires understanding a lot of moving parts to be able to provide an experience that is accessible to everyone, in the quest for simplicity we’ve built with “static sites generators” and APIs which is good BUT! When you oversimplify and invent new methods to do stuff you might be losing context and user experience along the way. When do you say stop! it’s time to refactor and improve while doing it. Let’s talk about this.

Obinna Ekwuno is a human before anything else and practices Kindness as a service. He mostly works on the web and loves to teach concepts in JavaScript while advocating for web accessibility. He does this through speaking, live streams, and technical articles. Occasionally he is a poet, and he believes that wider conversations will make a better world.

He is currently trying his best to not hinder the backlog as a Developer Advocate at Cloudflare and hopes this last part made you laugh.

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